The popularity of cloud technology has skyrocketed. Organisations can now migrate their entire communication infrastructure to the internet thereby changing how they interact - whether internally, with customers or with other businesses. This means that businesses would no longer need costly business phone hardware to stay connected to the rest of the world as is required when using WebRTC.

This article highlights the top 5 tech advancements that are emerging in 2020 and beyond and how they would revolutionise the way companies view their business phone systems.

1. The Year of 5G

2. VoIP transformation with AI

3. Cloud on the horizon

4. Remote but not distant

5. Automation

1. The Year of 5G


Boost in VoIP speed

As 5G network makes higher transfer speeds and lower network latency a reality, it will bring about significant improvements in communication. This is set to transform VoIP services like RingOver for the better. The faster speeds and much greater network efficiency will make communication a breeze, while the significantly lower latency will improve response time, enabling individuals and businesses to have instantaneous communication with co-workers or clients. In fact, 50% of the UK workforce will do telecommuting in 2020.

Therefore, 5G would, more than ever, become a sought-after development in the tech space as VoIP users seek to satisfy their need for network speed while telecommuting. 5G is also rectifying a host of deficiencies such as dropped calls and poor sound that often stem from lagging network speeds.

Holistic benefits

Further to a network speed boost, companies can expect a reduction in operating costs, an increase in productivity and efficiency, as well as enhanced workplace safety. The capacity to collect, monitor and analyse data from social media, video surveillance, mobile and internet usage will also enable businesses to understand consumer behaviour better and improve customer service.

2. VoIP transformation with AI


In the world of telecommunication, AI has the potential to impact almost every aspect of a telecom provider’s business – and in the process, help traditional telecom players become true digital service providers.
At RingOver we believe that embracing AI implementation should be seen as a journey: