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Integrating Ringover into Dropbox

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- You need to have a Ringover Power 💳 account to be able to use this integration
- The integration must be installed by a Ringover admin account👨‍💼.

Step 1: Creating an app in Dropbox

💻 Head to https://www.dropbox.com/developers/apps then click on “Create App”:

Select “Scoped Access” then “App folder” and name your app, the click on “Create app”:

In the “Permissions” tab, check the “files.metadata.write” and “files.content.write” boxes, then click on “Submit:

Go back to the “Settings” tab, then go into the Oauth2 section, and click on “Generate”:

Copy the token generated, as you’ll need it in the next step:

Step 2: Activation

💻 Head to https://dashboard.ringover.com/integrations

Then, click on "Activate" opposite “Dropbox”:

Once the integration has been activated, select "Configure":

Fill in the field by pasting the token that you generated in the previous step:

All done, the integration is complete! 🎉
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