The cloud-based phone system at the service of business

Discover the interface that will make your team enjoy using the phone again. With intuitive and collaborative features, RingOver follows you daily, to work and elsewhere.

Ringover sur une app web

Create your account and obtain a number right away

RingOver functions without any installation. Create your account in a few moments and choose your professional number in 60 countries. Or keep your current number, thanks to portability.

Choissisez votre numéro Ringover en quelques clics

Make and receive all your calls from the web and mobile app

Log in to your RingOver account or download the mobile app, and begin making and receiving calls right away. RingOver is compatible with the browsers Chrome and Firefox.

Invitez vos collègues facilement

Add and assign RingOver numbers

Invite members of your team to RingOver by email. Assign them the number(s) they need: landline or mobile, in the UK or abroad.

Gérez vos numéros Ringover très simplement

Change devices during a conversation

With one click, switch a call to the device of your choice - computer or mobile app - and continue your conversation as normal.

Basculer un appel un cours entre vos appareils

Have exchanges with the members of your team

Without leaving the app, you can have exchanges with your colleagues directly through RingOver’s internal chat.

Ringover et sa messagerie instantanée

Transfer calls to the right person

Check your colleagues’ availability and transfer calls to the right person. Choose direct transfer, transfer with confirmation or transfer to voicemail.

Transférez rapidement vos appels entre collègues

Activate the
“Do not disturb” mode

Before going into a meeting, activate the “do not disturb” mode and send calls directly to voicemail for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, etc...

Le mode snooze de l'app mobile Ringover

Set business hours for your RingOver

Choose the hours for your RingOver and disconnect at nights and on weekends.

Gérez les plages horaires de votre Ringover depuis l'app

Configure your IVR

Choose one or more phone numbers for your interactive voice server. Set up your greeting and voice menu (press 1, press 2) in a few clicks and choose which collaborator or department will receive which calls. Your callers will be oriented to the right correspondent, according to their selection.

Le mode snooze de l'app mobile Ringover

Integrate RingOver to your CRM

In a few clicks, link RingOver to your professional tools and access all phone features directly from your CRM: direct calls with click-to-call, automatic call logging, automatic client file retrieval for incoming calls, note-taking during calls, etc.

Gérez les plages horaires de votre Ringover depuis l'app

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