Service quality and security are our top priorities

We know that your company’s phone system is a key element of its success and growth. That’s why our infrastructure is designed and secured to provide you with an impeccable level of service.


A telecom operator since 2005, we are registered in the UK with OFCOM (Office of Communications) and in France with ARCEP (Regulatory Authority of Electronic Communications and Posts). We are interconnected with the biggest international telephone operators: Orange, SFR, COLT, BICS, etc. This allows us to select the best operator to pass your calls through in real time. More than 250 million minutes pass through our telecom equipment annually.

Ringover et son interconnexion avec Orange, SFR, COLT et BICS


We manage our network internally. Our company is a member of RIPE (European IP Network AS201188). The Service IP Transit is redundant, preventing any interruption of service.

Ringover et son réseau interne

Data hosting

The hosting of your data is not subcontracted to any provider, but managed internally. Your data are stored in France, in our Paris datacenters, in full compliance with the regulations in force.

Le data-center de Ringover


All calls passing through Ringover’s applications are encrypted (DTLS-SRTP). Queries to the API are made in HTTPS only (TLS).

Ringover chiffre tous ses appels pour vous assurer un maximum de sécurité

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