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Direct access to contact history

Directly access all contact information stored in Pipedrive whenever you receive a call.

Direct access to contact history

Click to call from Pipedrive

Make unlimited calls with Ringover directly from Pipedrive - no need to manually type in phone numbers.

Click to call from Pipedrive

Relax, everything is logged!

All your calls, texts, voicemail messages, call recordings and call tags are automatically logged in each contact’s Pipedrive details. Your sales reps will save so much time thanks to Ringover taking on the heavy lifting.

Relax, everything is logged!

Synchronise your contact directories

With our contact sync, all of your Pipedrive data including your contact info are always up to date and ready!

Synchronise your contact directories

Handle your calls faster

At just a glance, your agents quickly access and view essential customer information directly within the Ringover dialer: enabling faster call handling and providing a smoother, personalised welcome experience for your customers.

Handle your calls faster

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  • Does Pipedrive have phone integration?
  • Does Pipedrive integrate with VoIP?
  • Can you make phone calls from Pipedrive?
  • Does Pipedrive have a customer success tool?
  • What phone systems integrate with Pipedrive?

Does Pipedrive have phone integration?

Yes, Pipedrive offers phone integrations that provide automated data synchronisation, business telephony features, advanced analytics and reporting, and even more functionalities that improve efficiency and performance.

Pipedrive’s phone integrations are available on Pipedrive’s integrations marketplace, including Ringover.

Ringover is the best phone integration with Pipedrive because it automates manual tasks, like the logging of all contact interactions and data synchronisation between Ringover and Pipedrive. Each time a contact calls, Ringover will surface all the relevant information that’s saved in the CRM. You’ll also have access to powerful business telephony tools like click-to-call and power dialler, all in one intuitive interface.

Does Pipedrive integrate with VoIP?

Pipedrive integrates with VoIP software to streamline your sales campaigns and customer support operations. Integrations between a VoIP service and Pipedrive improve customer satisfaction and performance of sales teams. When you integrate Pipedrive with VoIP software, your data is automatically synchronised between the two tools– you never have to enter the same data twice. That includes call recordings, notes, new contacts, etc. You’ll be able to delve deeply into client conversations in an efficient manner, getting the maximum value from each interaction.

Pipedrive integrates natively with Ringover’s VoIP software to streamline sales and customer support operations and maximise the value of each customer conversation.

Can you make phone calls from Pipedrive?

Pipedrive has a basic and limited call function, the cost of which depends on your location and that of your contact.

If your business necessitates that you provide customer service by phone or run sales calling campaigns, integrating a business phone software with Pipedrive could significantly improve your efficiency and ultimately, your business’s growth and customer satisfaction.

For example, Ringover offers unlimited calls to more than 110 destinations and integrates natively and seamlessly with the Pipedrive CRM. Once integrated, data synchronises automatically between the two tools, surfacing key information each time a contact calls or is called. As soon as Ringover is integrated with Pipedrive, you can use click-to-call to dial customers with maximum efficiency, and Power Dialler to run efficient calling campaigns. Finally, you’ll have access to advanced analytics that provide key insights into sales team and customer support performance.

Does Pipedrive have a customer success tool?

Pipedrive doesn’t have a customer success tool, which is why they offer integrations with customer success tools.

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management software which supports the client relationship prior to conversion (the sale). A customer success tool focuses on the customer relationship post-sale. Customer success tools help existing clients to get the most value from a product, which increases the potential for them to remain with the company. The end result is a higher retention rate, and increased potential for upsell.

What phone systems integrate with Pipedrive?

Ringover, Justcall, Twilio or Cloudtalk are among the most popular systems that integrate with Pipedrive. By integrating Ringover with Pipedrive you combine the power of Pipedrive’s CRM features with a sophisticated business telephony solution. Thanks to the automatic synchronisation of data between the two software, you’ll never have to enter the same data twice. Every time a contact calls you, you’ll have the customer context already stored within your CRM pop up, so you’ll know the customer’s interaction history at a glance. When you launch a calling campaign, you’ll be able to leverage powerful VoIP software like click-to-call, Power Dialler, and comprehensive analytics dashboard.