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Essential VoIP Products for Call Centers

Virtual Contact Center

Our virtual contact centre software is an all-in-one platform designed to give your agents everything they need

Call Center Technology

Fully set up and manage your remote customer service center with ease

Powerful VoIP Products for Small Businesses

VoIP Software

Boost your full-service contact center performance with one advanced cloud contact center software solution

Call Center Software for Small Businesses

Unlock major savings for your business without compromising on quality and functionality

Softphone Software

Join the tens of thousands of businesses that have chosen Ringover’s VoIP softphone software

Useful VoIP Products for Sales Managers

Cold Calling Software

Simplify and strengthen your call center performance with the multiple features offered by Ringover

Auto Dialler

Save time with an automatic dialler, accessible from a simple app

Looking for a Business Phone System?

Landline Phone Services

Keep your office phones and easily add VoIP capability to your current system

IP Phone System

Make your contact center truly remote whilst remaining in touch and up to date with your team’s performance at all times

Business Phone Line

A business-dedicated phone line is the best way to vitalise your business and facilitate smooth communications

Looking for a Hosted Solution?

Hosted VoIP Solution

Access the data you need, when you need it, with your Ringover dashboard, available to you 24/7 with historical and real-time data

Hosted Telephony

Hosted phone systems like Ringover’s utilise Cloud-hosting to boost everything from cost-efficiency to security


You can benefit from flexibility, scalability, advanced features and lower costs

VoIP products to Track your Calls

Call Tracking Software

Boost call center performance with Ringover’s trusted software solution

Call Management System

Manage all your company’s calls in real time

VoIP products to Route your Inbound Calls

Automatic Call Distribution

Prepare your call centre to successfully handle varying levels of inbound calls

Call Routing System

Boost your inbound call center performance with Ringover’s advanced call routing software solution

Artificial Intelligence

Sales Enablement Tool

Optimise your conversations, strengthen sales performance, and enhance the customer experience with a sales enablement tool.

Conversation Intelligence Software

Leverage conversation intelligence to record, transcribe, and analyse customer and prospect conversations.

Speech-to-text Software for Call Centres

Leverage speech-to-text call centre technology to optimise customer communications.

Not sure which VoIP product you need?

VoIP Provider

A robust VoIP software package that has the ability to help you increase contact center performance

Phone System for Small Business

Scale your VoIP system to the size and needs of your business as it grows and enjoy the advanced performance

Inbound Call Centre

Efficiently operate your customer support with a platform that can be used anywhere

Outbound Call Centre

Make the most of your sales teams’ time with features such as making calls in one click and more

VoIP Phone System for Small Business

Unlock total flexibility, HD call quality, and enterprise-grade functionality

Call Logs

Log in online from any device to view your sales or customer support teams’ calls

Internet Phone Calls

You can make and receive calls from anywhere using any device that’s connected to the internet

VoIP Phone Service

Unlock HD call quality, reduced costs, and complete portability by switching to VoIP

Call Transfer

Know if your colleague is available before transferring the call to them

Number Portability

Keep your existing numbers at no extra cost. you can continue using your number as usual without any service downtime

Holding Calls

Call on hold allows you the opportunity to consult your colleagues, notes or files

CTI Screen Pop

See a snapshot of the caller’s history including past tickets, conversation history and more

Call Blocker Screen

Easily add undesirable numbers to your blacklist and automatically block incoming calls from these numbers

Call Flip

Change from your computer to your mobile discreetly without your correspondent being aware

Call Monitoring

Verify the quality of responses that your customer support agents provide over the phone or the sales method used

Cloud Phone System

Ringover’s cloud VoIP call center software solution provides numerous features that enable you to increase productivity

Call Forwarding Service

Call forwarding ensures your calls never go unattended so you can respond to your business calls from anywhere

Call Queue

Limit call queues to the desired duration and number of callers

Toll free numbers

Allow your clients and prospects to call you for free on a recognisable toll-free number

Telemarketing Software

Give your agents all the advanced functionality they need to move faster
Boost productivity while improving outcomes

Call Notes

Call notes are records of key information from calls with prospects or clients

By Industry

Healthcare Call Centre

By improving the patient experience and simplifying administrative work, clinical call centres bring benefits to both patients and medical personnel.

Real Estate Call Centre

A real estate call centre is VoIP technology that manages incoming and outgoing telephone calls related to real estate activities.

e-Commerce Call Centre

A complete e-Commerce call centre for your company brings a perfect added value to provide a perfect customer experience.

Insurance Call Centre

In such a competitive industry, you need to use the best insurance call centre tools to put the customer experience at the heart of your strategy.

Retail Call Centre

Retail call centres provide important information and outreach to clients to improve customer experience and deepen customer relationships.

Banking Call Centre

Having a financial services call centre software increases customer satisfaction, engagement, and eventually, revenue.

Education Call Centre

Provide your students and teaching community with quality telephone support thanks to an education call centre.

HR Call Centre

An HR call centre improves employee experience efficiently and effectively, ultimately leading to an improved HR strategy.

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