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What is Local Presence Dialling?

Local presence dialling is a VoIP feature that ensures a sales rep’s outbound phone number to match the prospect’s geographic location. Prospects feel more comfortable receiving phone calls from their local area, and are thus more likely to pick up, improving your pick-up rate and ultimately your sales team’s performance rate. The Nearest Number function automatically selects the number closest to your contact. Thanks to this feature, you’ll begin establishing a trusting relationship with your contact before they even pick up the phone.

Improve your pickup rate

Whether your prospects are in a different region from yours, or even abroad, the "Nearest number" feature allows you to reach out with the area code closest to the one of your contact. Get closer to your prospect and increase your chances of getting them to pick up the phone!

Improve your pickup rate

Save time during your prospection

The "Nearest number" feature recognises your prospect’s location and automatically selects the number with the area code closest to his location. No need to manually select the number used to make the call, you’ll save precious time during your prospecting!

Save time during your prospection

Nearest numbers FAQs

  • What is a “nearest number”?
  • What are “nearest numbers” used for?
  • How do I activate the nearest numbers option?
  • How local presence dialling works?
  • What does local presence mean?
  • Which are the benefits of local presence dialling?
  • How to call from a different area code?

What is a “nearest number”?

A nearest number is a number that is automatically chosen by a telephone solution based on the destination number. For example, if you are in the US and you want to reach a contact in Australia, the dialler will automatically select a phone number with an Australian area code to make the call.

What are “nearest numbers” used for?

Nearest numbers are very useful, especially for sales teams, because they reassure callers. Call recipients are more inclined to pick up a call when the incoming number uses an area code that they are familiar with. A “nearest number” increases the pick-up rate and boosts telephone prospecting.

How do I activate the nearest numbers option?

The nearest numbers option can be activated directly from the Ringover dashboard store.

How local presence dialling works?

Local presence dialling works by automatically switching your caller ID for a number that matches the area code of the number you are trying to reach. This increases the chance the prospect will pick up your call, even if it’s a cold call. Once you’ve enabled the Nearest Number feature detects the contact’s area codes then tailors your outgoing number to have the same area code. Local presence dialling thus saves sales representative’s time and improves overall performance.

What does local presence mean?

Local presence dialling is a way of making a call appear to come from the recipient’s local area code even if it isn’t. You purchase and own the local numbers used for local presence dialling. Once you have a selection of local numbers, you’ll be able to use functions like Ringover’s Nearest Number tool to automatically choose a local number that matches your prospects. Local presence dialling is not the same as caller ID spoofing, which is when the caller uses someone else’s number to hide their own identity. The main purpose of caller ID spoofing is spam calls, which is not legal.

Which are the benefits of local presence dialling?

Local presence dialling offers multiple benefits to your sales team and ultimately, your business.

  • Cost effective. You’ll be able to select local numbers from your VoIP provider, rather than renting area-specific numbers or even opening a local outpost. Plus, if you have local numbers, you won’t have to provide toll-free numbers, which oblige your business to cover calling charges.
  • Increase pick-up rates. Having a local phone number creates a more trusting relationship with prospects, as they feel more comfortable speaking to local actors. In fact, just having a local phone number usually increases your pick-up rate because prospects trust calls from their area.
  • Enable geo-targeting search. If you have a local presence dialler, not only can you call prospects with a local number, but prospects can reach you with that local number. This also opens up the possibility to advertise your business on platforms like Google My Business.
  • Increase callback. The possibility of a prospect calling back an out-of-state or even international number is extremely low. There’s the psychological element of not trusting non-local numbers that holds prospects back. Prospects also assume there will be a higher cost to calling back non-local numbers that could prevent them from reaching out. So if you have a local presence diallers, your prospect will feel more comfortable following up with you if they miss your call.

How to call from a different area code?

Calling from a different area code is a cinch, and opens up multiple advantages for your business. Once you purchase a VoIP subscription from Ringover, you’ll have access to features like Nearest Number. Nearest Number recognises your prospect’s area code and will automatically select the number closest to your location. Sales representatives won’t lose time selecting numbers for each specific call. Plus, prospects will be more open to picking up calls from local numbers. Your sales team will improve their pick-up rate and eventually, their bottom line.

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