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* Referral conditions: the person being referred must not have been contacted at any time in the past – either directly or indirectly – by one of Ringover Group’s sales partners.

For every referral, your reward payment will be sent within 30 days following successful payment of their first bill from Ringover Group. The value of your Amazon gift voucher or discount is determined as follows: a gift voucher or a discount of €50 is rewarded for each referred person who becomes a Ringover customer by signing up to a contract of at least 12 months. A referrer can only be rewarded up to a limit of 50 gift vouchers or discounts i.e. a maximum value of €2500. The gift voucher(s) will be sent to the email address provided in the referral form.

Ringover Group reserves the right to modify the terms of its referral offer or to terminate it at any time without notice. Ringover Group reserves the right to refuse a referral request without having to justify the refusal or to notify the person making the referral. If you have any questions about this referral programme, please contact our customer service. This offer does not apply to Ringover Group channel partners, distributors and sales partners.