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Time is precious, so make the most of your sales teams’ time with features such as making calls in one click, and automating commercial campaigns with mass communications. Plus, with the local number display option, you’ll even increase your pick-up rate…

  • Click-to-call in your CRM
  • Calling campaigns / SMS / Voicemail drop
  • Choose your outgoing number
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Get in touch with more prospects

Focus on conversations, not calls

Are those time-consuming tasks adding to your sales teams’ workloads? Eliminate them and let your teams focus on their sale pitches. With Ringover, everything is automated and recorded in your CRM, valuable time-saving guaranteed!

  • CRM screen pop during calls
  • Call notes & tags
  • Call history & recording
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Focus on conversations, not calls

Flagship features for prospection

International numbers

In more than 65 countries

Outgoing number selection

One sales agent, multiple numbers


No more need to dial

CRM integration

Connects with the leading tools on the market

Calling campaigns

Automate mass communications

SMS campaigns

Multiply your points of contact

Voicemail campaigns

For less intrusive contact

Call notes & tags

Make it easy to pull up essential information

Manage your teams with ease

Delve into an individual or a team’s call statistics to measure their performance. Identify who your top performers are and who needs training or motivation.

  • Easy, intuitive reports
  • KPIs: number of calls, call duration
  • Personalise your dashboard for more relevance
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Manage your teams with ease

Coach your sales teams to success

Help improve your team's performance and achieve its objectives by analysing pitches and conversations. You can also use our features to intervene during conversations when training and assisting recruits.

  • Call recording
  • Two-way listening
  • Discreet intervention
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Coach your sales teams to success

Awesome features for supervising and coaching

Reporting for each sales agent

Performance analysis

Two-way listening

Listen to sale pitches in real time

Discreet intervention

Support your sales agents

Call recording

Keep a trace of each conversation

Make calls from your CRM

Why not speed up your day by making calls in one click directly from your CRM or helpdesk tool? When you connect your CRM you will also have access to screen pop during incoming calls, automatic call logging and much more...

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Make calls from your CRM

Martino Bissoli

Account Manager Italy & Malta

“Ringover is the ideal solution for an international team.”

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Robin Tanzilli

Head of Business Development

“By using Ringover with Salesforce and the HVS module, we can help the SDR teams to boost their performance.”

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William Forgues

Sales Manager

“Ringover has given us the option of digitising our workstations, giving our employees even more independence and freedom to work from wherever they like.”

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Sign up and start making calls within minutes

  • No need to change numbers
  • No additional equipment required
  • Instant line activation
  • One-click CRM integration
  • Support provided by a Ringover adviser

Our customers’ feedback

Overall Rating

4.8/5 275 reviews Based on 275 reviews.
This average is drawn from ratings of customers who have used any of the cloud communication services offered by Ringover.

Galner G.

7 dec 2022

Overall, its a great tool to get the most out of sales teams. The recording system, the customer service and the dashboards that enables management analysis.

Boisson L.

20 jan 2023

Ringover user for several months, I am very satisfied with the platform. Clear, intuitive and pleasant; Ringover allows me to follow my team’s activity and get valuable information via the dashboard, which allows me to find answers or confirm some of my decisions. Technical problems never last very long & the teams are very responsive; thank you!

Maud V.

25 may 2022

Ringover is a useful and user-friendly tool for back-office teams.

Patrick P.

11 aug 2022

Thanks to its integration with my CRM, Ringover means I can save time and each call is recorded in the client record, so we have traceability for conversations, which makes the biggest impact. It gives me the option of directly connecting it to my CRM, Sellsy, and it only takes 3 clicks to integrate and it’s above all very well documented on each service provider side.
The highest-impact pro is the option of connecting it to my CRM, Sellsy, and it only takes 3 clicks to integrate and it’s above all very well documented on each service provider side.
In terms of cons, cost is the only worry, as it’s expensive and each option costs a little too much.


21 oct 2022

With all of the interesting options Ringover offers, this tool is now part of my daily work when it comes to communicating with my clients. I can always count on Lilia Payet to advise me on how to get the most from their services. This support adds a lovely human aspect, and it was a decisive factor that means I’ll continue to use Ringover.

Outbound Call Centre FAQs

  • What is outbound call centre software?
  • What softwares are used in call centres?
  • How do I set up an outbound call centre?
  • What is the best CRM for a call centre?

What is outbound call centre software?

Outbound call centre software is a suite of tools and applications that allow agents to manage high-volume outbound calls. It enables sales, marketing, and support agents to reach out to existing and potential customers through phone calls, chatbots, social media platforms, and other channels.

Businesses often use outbound call centre software to:

  • Offer proactive customer support.
  • Run lead-generation campaigns.
  • Introduce a new product or service.
  • Make reminder calls for payment, renewal, etc.
  • Gather customer feedback.
  • Conduct opinion polls and surveys.
  • Make scheduled callbacks.
  • Impart information, such as changes in company policy, pricing, etc.

Outbound call centre software integrates with CRMs for hassle-free prospecting and offers features that enable agents to reach out to prospects faster and achieve sales goals more efficiently. These include click-to-call, power dialling, predictive dialling, calling campaigns, voicemail drop, call recording, and call history, among others.

Boost the productivity of your sales representatives with the outbound call centre software from Ringover. An ideal solution for startups, SMEs, and large enterprises, it has features like power dialling, click-to-call, voicemail drop, call history, and call recording to make your sales campaigns more effective.

What softwares are used in call centres?

While some businesses use on-premise call centre software, most companies today use cloud-based software to manage inbound and outbound calls. Cloud-hosted call centre solutions have no hardware requirements and are cost-effective, location-independent, scalable, and easy to install and use.

Here is a list of some of the popular cloud-based call centre software:

  • Ringover;
  • Nextiva;
  • HubSpot;
  • RingCentral;
  • Zendesk;
  • CallHippo;
  • CloudTalk;
  • Twilio Flex;
  • GoTo;
  • FreshDesk;
  • Dialpad;
  • Vonage;
  • 8x8;
  • LiveAgent;
  • TalkDesk.

How do I set up an outbound call centre?

Cloud-based call centre software solutions like Ringover are easy to set up and use. Setting up an outbound call centre involves the following steps:

  • Step 1: Choose the right outbound call centre software for your business. While choosing the software, keep your call volume, company size, and scalability in mind.
  • Step 2: Subscribe to a plan that best suits your business needs and create an account.
  • Step 3: Integrate the outbound call centre software with your CRM and activate all necessary features.
  • Step 4: Invest in all required equipment and devices, such as laptops, smartphones, internet connections, etc.
  • Step 5: Hire call centre agents based on your call volume.
  • Step 6: Train your agents to handle conversations and use the platform.
  • Step 7: Learn the legal compliance requirements for making outbound.
  • Step 8: Determine your outbound call metrics and KPIs and start measuring them.

What is the best CRM for a call centre?

CRM solutions of different types and pricing are available for call centres. Some of these solutions come with built-in telephony and VoIP calling features, so you don’t need separate calling software. Other CRMs allow easy integrations with VoIP phone systems and inbound and outbound call centre software to facilitate calling campaigns.

Given below are some of the market-leading CRM for call centre business owners:

  • Freshsales;
  • Zoho;
  • Pipedrive;
  • HubSpot;
  • Freshdesk;
  • Zendesk;
  • Salesforce;
  • Voicent;
  • Bitrix24;
  • Salesmate.
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