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“ It takes less than 15 minutes to create and make operational a number and an associated voice response. “
Yann Abrassart
Director of Operations

Carizy has chosen reliability with Ringover to support them in their development

55 collaborators
Sales Industry
+1,5K Daily calls
95% Service Level

About Carizy

Start-up created in 2015 and subsidiary of the Renault group since 2018, Carizy is a marketplace of inspected and guaranteed used vehicles offering a wide range of services to enable individuals to sell and buy a used car safely.

A trusted third party, Carizy provides a turnkey service: inspection of the vehicle at more than 100 checkpoints, management of the relationship between seller and buyer, securing the financial transaction, mechanical guarantee of at least 6 months, financing offer and home delivery.

Carizy’s challenges

Before opting for a VoIP solution, Carizy's sales teams were using handheld telephones. In 2017 they opted for a cloud-based telephone solution, however, this solution was limited and did not support Carizy's growth.

Carizy's needs:

  • A quality VOIP telephony solution for their sales teams
  • Advanced configuration and customisation features of the Interactive Voice Response
  • A 360° view of telephone activity, with integration with other customer relationship management tools

Ringover’s solution

By choosing Ringover, Carizy chose;

  • A reliable solution, with an ergonomic interface and easy to use and with powerful features to support it in its development.
  • A simple and scalable solution to ensure optimal customer service quality
  • A simple and clear interface, without any technical knowledge needed as all the features are intuitive.
  • A 360° view of telephone activity which boosts team performance
“ With Ringover, it is very easy to set up an entire telephone system. It takes less than 15 minutes to create, make operational a new numbers and an associated voice server. “
Yann Abrassart
Director of Operations

Ringover offers optimal customer service

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) welcomes callers and directs calls to the most appropriate contact. This is one of the features most appreciated by the Carizy teams, as they are now able to offer optimal customer service thanks to its personalised Interactive Voice Response

“ The features associated with the voice switchboard allow you to go very far in customising it and managing call routing. This is very practical, in particular to guarantee an optimal quality of service. “
Yann Abrassart
Director of Operations

By choosing Ringover, Carizy has succeeded in:

  • Improving the quality of its customer service (current Service Level: 95%)
  • Quickly set up a standard that meets their requirements
  • Monitoring their telephone activity thanks to precise and real-time monitoring of relevant indicators
  • Maintaining their commercial efficiency even in these times of teleworking
“ We want to distribute the RingoverView on our entire operational platform to display real-time statistics on the company's telephone activity and thus enable all employees to better serve our customers. “
Yann Abrassart
Director of Operations

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