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“ We’ve really had good traceability of call and communications, which lets us optimally monitor our customer records. “
Edouard Lepicard

The AXA Darnétal-Buchy branches are improving their monitoring protocol for their customer communications with Ringover

About the AXA Darnétal-Buchy branches

Based on the outskirts of Rouen, AXA's Darnétal and Buchy branches specialise in property insurance and asset management. Their team of 7 employees have been supporting companies operating in the industrial, commercial, construction and agriculture sectors for more than 30 years now, insuring them against the risks inherent to these fields.

The branches wanted to:

  • Optimally manage their phone service for existing and future customers
  • Ensure service continuity across both branches
  • Guarantee improved traceability of calls and communications

Daily work facilitated by Ringover integrated into their Salesforce CRM

Ringover seamlessly integrates into their I.T. system, particularly with trade tools such as Salesforce. With the screen-pop feature which presents customer records when they call, customer identification is quicker, and call and record tracing is optimised.

Ringover automates time-consuming tasks: You no longer need to manually enter customer numbers and ID information into an Excel table that you have to send to the specialist teams every 6 months for integration.

From Salesforce, you just need to click on the customer's number and the call is launched directly via Ringover, starting the communication (Click-to-call). This way, there's no need to manually enter the phone number of your correspondent into the dialer.

Furthermore, the screen-pop feature lets you customise each call to the customer in question. You can easily access any past interactions with the customer. It's easy to see who's been in touch with them, on which date and at what time, and for what reason.

“ We’ve really had good traceability of call and communications, which lets us optimally monitor our customer records. “
Edouard Lepicard
General Agent at AXA

Better management of calls between the two branches

One of the key challenges for these two AXA branches was being able to provide a high-quality, fluid phone service across the two sites. The person tasked with overseeing this service is based in one of the branches and takes care of, amongst other roles, call transfers.

Thanks to Ringover's highly customisable phone switchboard, the branches can set up dispatch rules to automatically distribute calls.This way, if the person overseeing the service isn't available, the calls are automatically redirected to other employees in the two branches, depending on their availability.

“ We communicate as if we're all in the same place. It really saves time in our daily work, and offers our customers a better quality for our customer phone service. “
Edouard Lepicard
General Agent at AXA

More autonomy in configuration

Ringover has a huge number of settings that can be customised however you like, particularly in terms of its switchboard. The AXA branches benefit from significant autonomy in configuring their telephony system, further helped by great interface ergonomics.

There's no need to go via the supplier to make these adjustments. What once took days, or even weeks, to get changes can now be done in a matter of seconds.

“ The advantage is that we've got control over everything, we can modify everything by ourselves. Its brilliant to be able to update our switchboard in the morning, and it just takes a few clicks. “
Edouard Lepicard
General Agent at AXA

Clear vision over statistics to improve customer satisfaction

Another advantage reiterated by the AXA branches is the provision of detailed statistics on phone activity: At a glance, you can see the call flows and the missed call volumes. The supervision features let agents make sure that they maintain good response rates with customers.

It's much easier to manage missed calls, as we can display the list of calls received when all employees are online.

A new, more productive way of working

Ringover offers a certain freedom in working, whether it's in the office or from home. Headsets are replacing phone terminals, and mean hands are kept free for other tasks, which boosts agent productivity.

Plus, when working remotely, business telephony works transparently.

“ No longer having physical phones can be a little strange at first, but after a week, we very quickly got used to the headset which has proven to be incredibly practical. “
Edouard Lepicard
General Agent at AXA

Ringover's strong points, highlighted by an AXA branch:

  • Integration of telephony into their Salesforce CRM
  • Phone switchboard that can be configured in a few clicks
  • Better traceability for customer communications
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