Ringover’s phone system and smart analytics helped us to grow 400%

Tom Marsden

Founder & CEO of Curral

About Curral

Curral is a leading B2B lead generation agency that helps organisations to grow quickly by delivering pre-qualified sales appointments. They aim to become the leaders in business development across Europe and the Middle East through their innovative strategy that’s proven to drive results.

Curral needed a communication tool that was scalable, capable and most of all, reliable after experiencing rapid growth recently, having expanded across EMEA
As a performance-driven telemarketing agency, we’re entrusted by our clients to deliver qualified appointments which is why I need my guys to perform their best, daily. The Ringover dashboard has been like an extra set of eyes for us as it’s informed our decision making to make small tweaks that have had a big impact

Tom Marsden, Founder & CEO of Curral

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Their challenges

The main challenges for Curral were they needed a communication tool that was scalable, capable and most of all, reliable. Curral has been experiencing rapid growth recently as they have been expanding across EMEA. This was where their previous VoIP provider struggled, as it couldn’t deliver a scalable service with a seamless connection, nor could it provide coverage in some of the countries Curral operated in. A performance-driven organisation needs flawless communication.

  • They needed a VoIP solution that could operate in The Middle East.

  • They required integration with their custom-built recruitment CRM and our open API was the perfect solution.

  • They needed visibility of their teams to maximise productivity.

  • They needed an affordable solution with unlimited calls to Europe and Asia.

Curral required a solution that would not only speed up the onboarding of new employees but could also be used to improve the skillsets of their current team members through the help of advanced analytics and features

Tom Marsden, Founder & CEO of Curral

Ringover’s solution

The Ringover team could instantly identify what Curral needed from a communications platform and so the team were quick to demonstrate the all-in-one VoIP solution and what it can do. After a short demo, Curral were more than happy for Ringover to become their VoIP provider as they were very excited to gain access to many new features that would enhance their communications and essentially, support their rapid expansion.

  • Unlimited calls to 110 countries

  • HD Video calls and meetings

  • Group messaging

  • Personalised greetings and IVR

  • Call listening and recording

  • Detailed statistics and monitoring

  • Integrate with their bespoke CRM

Benefits of the solution

Assisting ambitious organisations to accomplish their mission is what we set out to do from day one. Curral can now continue to lead the way in doing what they do best, developing businesses. With the full support of a leading VoIP service underpinned by its advanced analytics Tom’s teams can now communicate faster and more effectively with each other and their prospects. From an executive point of view, Tom’s management teams can now locate any shortfalls in performance and mitigate any risk in drops in productivity simply through the Ringover Dashboard.

Ringover has enabled Curral to…

  • Save money on expensive phone bills with unlimited calls to Europe and The Middle East.

  • The dashboard has provided a 360 view of their teams’ activities to help boost productivity.

  • Through CRM integration remote teams can view key conversations from anywhere.

  • They now have a communication tool that supports their growth strategy.

Ringover doesn’t just provide a business phone system, it provides a service that aims to align itself with your team and your business objectives. Curral are the leaders in business development with the desire of leading the way globally and Ringover will be supporting them every step of the way.

Does your organisation have ambitions for growth?

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Ringover is the perfect solution for an international team.

Tom Marsden

Founder & CEO of Curral
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The dashboard, coupled with its usability is what we needed as our team grew at a rapid rate!

Tom Marsden

Founder & CEO of Curral
Read the testimonial
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