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“ Ringover’s ability to assign local numbers to local offices has allowed us to create a more global feel. “
Clive Buckley
Founder of First Office Hub

Ringover partners with First Office Hub

Office Services Industry
40 Countries
Pipedrive CRM

About First Office HubFirst Office Hub (FOH) are a hands-on office space agency based in Central London. Their approach is to keep everything streamlined and simplified whilst outlining the important details. Specialists in flexible workspace solutions such as Virtual offices, Coworking spaces, Serviced Offices and Managed Solutions.

Their Challenges

Facilitating the leasing of thousands of office spaces across the globe can be challenging in itself; making sure that business remains undisrupted in their expansion is another. For FOH, communicating to their workspaces across the globe was costly, they experienced downtime with their previous VoIP provider and they also needed to improve the efficiency of remote working within their teams.They also had poor call quality with their current provider. 

First Office Hub needed:

  • Improve remote working as many of their staff members are based across all continents.
  • A phone system that would integrate with Pipedrive CRM.
  • A cost-effective solution for making overseas calls.

Ringovers solution

Communication tools can be complicated and expensive.Ringover’s global network of data centres did not just only provide FOH with reliability and connectivity across all continents, its all-in-one solution included HD videoconferencing which allowed their teams to work better remotely

By choosing Ringover, First Office Hub now has:

  • Unlimited calls to 110 countries
  • HD Video calls and meetings
  • Personalised greetings and IVR
  • Call listening and recording
  • Integrate with their Pipedrive CRM

Ringover’s smooth integration with Pipedrive meant that all their calls, texts, voicemail messages and call recordings were automatically logged in each contact record. Simple but effective features such as this saved their teams time as the integration took away much of the heavy lifting.

“ I’m a big fan of Ringover’s ability to assign local numbers to local offices as this has allowed us to create a more global feel to our brand “
Clive Buckley

Benefits of the solution

One reason why First Office Hub is leading the way is its speed to take you to market. Unlike conventional office spaces, FOH’s team can get you set up and operational from anywhere in a matter of days, not months. Therefore, their HQ needs a fast, reliable connection to underpin their way of working. And, amongst the soaring demand for modern working environments, FOH can handle unprecedented levels of call volumes with Ringover’s clever Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and call routing during busy periods.

The Ringover app has enabled FOH to:

  • Provide faster support than ever before
  • Save substantial costs with unlimited calls to 110 destinations
  • Have virtual numbers in 65 countries
  • Improve remote working with video calls in HD quality
  • Observe key conversations from anywhere through CRM integration remote teams
  • Have peace of mind from a reliable business phone system
“ Their cost-effective, out-of-the-box solution has been very beneficial to our organisation as we are witnessing a huge demand for our modern working environments. Ringover is a really simple platform that packs some seriously smart features which have helped to boost our productivity too! “
Clive Buckley

Do you face similar challenges to First Office Hub?

Contact our experts to help guide you step-by-step at +44 20 3808 5555 or send an email to [email protected]

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