Ringover is the perfect solution for an international team.

Martino Bissoli

Account Manager
About Click & Boat:

Click & Boat is the international market leader for boat rental, with over 40,000 boats for hire in over 50 countries, with or without a skipper. Click & boat customers benefit from a fully personalised service, a very competitive offer and the possibility of making a last-minute reservation in just a few clicks.

The company also offers boat rentals for a wide range of destinations and countries.

Over one million registered users use Click & Boat worldwide, and the company has over 200 employees, showing its strong growth both internally and externally.

Click & Boat's business communication needs:

  • A centralised solution

  • National telephone numbers for each team in each country

  • Ability to look into the performance of the company's teams

Before switching to Ringover’s cloud telephone solution, the Click & Boat team managed its communication with customers, located in more than 50 countries, through a traditional telephone system.

The reason Click & Boat has opted for cloud telephone is that their sales teams work in three different offices located in two countries. Their main challenge was to have the same tools in all offices and to be able to have personalised national telephone lines for each team and in each country.

Ringover gave us the ability to use the same tool in all of our offices and across all different business divisions, to compare data from our work and finally to be able to offer each national team local lines

Martino Bissoli, Account Manager Italy & Malta

More than 1,800 hours of calls

Since the implementation of Ringover in the Click & Boat offices, the teams have adapted fairly quickly to the solution, with 81 telephone lines activated for around 40 users and 9 prefixes from different countries.

In a year and a half, we called over 30,000 numbers with a total duration of over 1,800 hours of calling

Martino Bissoli, Account Manager Italy & Malta

Ringover's cloud telephone enables the teams of Click & Boat, which regularly acquires new partners and customers from different countries, to communicate with their partners and customers around the world and offer the best possible service.

Ringover is the perfect tool for our different offices within the different countries to develop our strategy

Martino Bissoli, Account Manager Italy & Malta


The best features to reach your partners and clients

Thanks to cloud telephone and its advanced features, the Click & Boat sales team is able to follow all calls from partners and clients. This allows them to see the big picture of their results in order to develop the right strategy and deliver your value proposition.

Thanks to the statistics provided by Ringover, we can follow our results and know the volume and quality of our activity

Martino Bissoli, Account Manager Italy & Malta

Features such as the ability to change the country line of the phone number depending on the caller, advanced statistics or call notifications are some of the team's favourites.

One of the team's favourite features is the ability to receive an email notification whenever we receive a missed call when we are not available

Martino Bissoli, Account Manager Italy & Malta

The perfect solution for an international team

The power of cloud telephone and its various possibilities make it an excellent alternative for dynamic companies with several offices in different countries like Click & Boat.

Cloud telephone is the solution for an international team that has to call a large number of partners and customers around the world

Martino Bissoli, account manager Italy & Malta

Thanks to Ringover, Click & Boat has obtained:

  • The ability to view the results which allows them to know the volume and the quality of their activity

  • A unique tool in the different offices and personalised national phone lines for each team and in each country

  • Easy follow-up of all company calls

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200 employees
40,000 boats
1,800 + hours of calls
50 country
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