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How video conferencing can strengthen your customer relationships

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 How video conferencing can strengthen your customer relationships


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During this past year, there has been rapid progress concerning the digitalisation of customer relations. According to a a report by wix the number of online sales increased by 140% compared to 2019, for a total turnover of + 114%. Working, shopping, and many other activities are now done online due to the accessibility, availability and practicality that it provides. This new way of living and working has been highlighted more than ever during this challenging year, which many people stating they prefer this new way of living. Hence why brands are now looking for new ways to reconnect with their customers in a strong and lasting way online. Video conferencing is proving to be an effective solution to this problem, as it provides an easy-to-use channel that is perfect for keeping in contact and improving customer relations.

Improving the process of incoming customer service requests

If your customer services still mostly operate over the phone, adding the video conferencing option can make all the difference. For example, if your customer is the victim of a disaster or has received a damaged product, a video call allows you to directly see the damage, record it with the help of screenshots and send out a repair or replacement service quickly.Similarly, in the event of a device or software malfunctioning, being able to add the camera or sharing its screen can make understanding the problem far easier. This means that fixing any issues or problems can be completed far quicker. It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. What is certain, is that seeing the problem live will always be more effective than trying to describe your problem down a phone! Thus, the use of video conferencing in customer services can speed up the processing of incoming requests and complaints, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Strengthen selling points with video conferencing

When customer service is conducted via phone calls, business relationships may lack a certain naturalness and trust, therefore making them more difficult to establish. Video can be a valuable asset in these cases, as it allows for face-to-face contact, that naturally builds trusting relationships. Customers are reassured by face to face contact, as it humanises the relationship, which is all the more important for a product or service with high added value. Video conferencing makes it possible to have discussions with the customer before any purchases, to reassure them about the quality of a product or service, its operation, the terms of exchange or refund etc. This strengthens the customers' confidence in the product and encourages them to make a purchase. For sales reps, video conferencing offers great opportunities to see how the customer is reacting to the product. This allows them to adapt and change how they are selling the product to appeal more to their customer. Indeed, the phone – or even worse, email – cuts you off from the non-verbal language of the customer; frowning, yawning etc, all of which are vital to see to know how it’s going. Through video, sales reps can provide personalised advice to their customers and adapt to each situation, making each call more efficient. Video conferencing is therefore a channel of choice to engage the customer and create a winning business relationship.

Humanising customer relationships

Beyond the commercial relationship or customer service, video conferencing allows you to organise webinars or online sessions. This helps create human relationships with your customers as you can connect with them. Thanks to videoconferencing, communication will be easier than ever. Video conferencing allows companies to show more empathy towards their customers. It makes it possible to offer the same quality of advice online as you would receive face-to-face while offering the flexibility and availability of long-distance communication. Video conferences allow companies to boost their image and maintain human relations at a distance, all of which guarantee a strong customer relationship.

Increase your accessibility

Laws have recently been put into place that ensures all customer services are accessible to everyone, including people with hearing impairments. The video conference tool offers a solution to meet these new obligations, provided that it is coupled to a chat or automatic subtitling module, or that you recruit advisors trained in British Sign Language (BSL)

Is video conferencing the solution for your company?

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