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Top 10 Avionté Staffing Software Integrations to streamline and automate processes

Avionté staffing software provides recruitment agencies with the tools necessary to streamline and automate processes. Once you’ve set up Avionté staffing software integrations, you’ll easily manage tasks like sourcing, interviewing, onboarding, billing, and paying staff members.

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Top 10 Avionté Staffing Software Integrations to streamline and automate processes


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Staffing software integrations help your recruiters and HR employees manage their large workloads and the challenges of using multiple business software. For instance, you can lose lots of time in redundant data entry between multiple software. Even having to toggle between software to access features can cause confusion and decrease efficiency.

That's why software integrations have become incredibly popular as businesses rely more and more on software applications. Integrations connect one software to another so they can update data automatically and even share certain features.

You can see why they're so valued among users of staffing and recruiting software like Avionté! If you're looking into what Avionté staffing software integrations could make a difference for your recruiters, check out the following list of the most popular options.

The 10 best Avionté staffing software integrations

IntegrationIntegration PurposeIntegration BenefitsIntegration Pricing
RingoverIncrease efficiency and improve communication during recruitingMore automation like call logging, text message, reach candidates via click-to-callPlans range from £19 per user/month to £49 per user/month
AsurintBackground checks of all typesEase the background check process, ensure compliance, candidate information automatically populatesPrice on request only
The Work Number from EquifaxDigital verification servicesAutomatically verify income and employment informationPurchasing many reports is priced on request
GreenshadesMaintain compliance for taxesAuto-populate tax forms and speed up tax process thanks to guidance from a wizardPrice on request only
Choice ScreeningBackground screeningsCompliant and customizable servicePrice on request only
Change PaycardAutomatic paycard systemSend money to employees instantlyNo pricing information available
Haley MarketingSpecialised marketing for staffingImprove marketing ROIPrice estimates on request only
Adobe Acrobat SignDigital signature softwareIncrease efficiency when it comes to signing documents and contractsPlans begin at about £15 per user/month
SenseAutomated candidate engagementPersonalise the candidate experiencePrice on request only
TimerackTime & attendance softwareAutomate employee time trackingNo pricing information available online

1. Ringover-Avionté Integration

Ringover-Avionté integration

Ringover's VoIP service empowers recruitment and staffing agencies to easily handle inbound and outbound communication with candidates. Avionté's all-in-one CRM & ATS platform provides omnichannel communication so it's easy to personalise outreach according to preference, whether that be by phone, text message, email, Whatsapp, or social media. Not to mention, you'll be well-positioned to dive into hot recruitment trends like social recruiting!

Advanced telephony features like CTI screen pop and call logs provide valuable context to recruiters, so it's easy for them to customise responses based on previously provided information. And recruiters will easily increase their efficiency click-to-call, voicemail drop, smart routing, surveys, and even IVR.

Ringover-Avionté Integration Pricing

Three pricing plans are available from Ringover, with the two highest tiers offering integrations with business applications such as Avionté. The Smart plan is £19 per user/month, the Business plan is £39 per user/month, and the Advanced plan costs £49 per user/month.

Try Ringover-Avionté Integration

2. Asurint-Avionté Integration


Asurint is a specialist in screening employees, including many types of background checks like civil, criminal, drug testing, and more. They have a strong focus on accuracy and speed, which they support with technology–including offering integrations. In fact, Asurint's ability to integrate with ATS like Avionté is consistently named as one of its best advantages.

Asurint-Avionté Integration Pricing

Asurint's prices are on request, so you'll have to get in touch with their sales team for more information.

3. The Work Number from Equifax-Avionté Integration

The Work Number from Equifax

If you are currently losing significant amounts of time trying to transfer and verify employment and income data, this could be a useful integration for you. The Work Number allows the employees or candidates to authorise the release of private information to verifies like lenders, landlords, and other social service agencies. All in all, it's a highly useful tool that saves everyone time and improves the candidate experience.

The Work Number from Equifax-Avionté Integration Pricing

If you'll need multiple reports, you'll need to get in touch with their team to get pricing at scale.

4. Greenshades-Avionté Integration


If there is any HR topic where you want to minimise mistakes, it's payroll. Greenshades provides a solution for recruiters and HR personnel looking to simplify payroll, tax, and benefits management. Once you've integrated Greenshades with Avionté, it will be possible to automatically fill out forms with information present in Avionté, then check accuracy with workflows.

Greenshades-Avionté Integration Pricing

The pricing for Greenshades is by request only, so you'll need to get in touch with them for an estimate.

5. Choice Screening-Avionté Integration

Choice Screening

As background screening is a crucial service for recruiters, Choice Screening is another option for recruiters. There are a variety of checks on offer from Choice Screening, like drug tests, motor vehicle records, identity verification, employment and education confirmation, and more.

Choice Screening-Avionté Integration Pricing

Pricing information is not online, so you'll need to reach out to them to get more information.

6. Change Paycard-Avionté Integration

Change Paycard

Employers can sometimes struggle to dispense funds to employers in an efficient and rapid manner. That's where Change Paycard comes in. Employers can distribute salaries, wages, or funds to a prepaid card so employees have direct and easy access to the money.

Change-Avionté Integration Pricing

Businesses who are interested in using Change Paycard at scale need to get in touch with the company to get an estimate.

7. Haley Marketing-Avionté Integration

Haley Marketing

Recruiting and staffing firms have specific marketing needs, which is where Haley Marketing comes in. Haley Marketing serves this need by offering many marketing services like website creation and development, social media management, design, and more.

Haley Marketing-Avionté Integration Pricing

If you would like more information about Haley Marketing's prices, you'll need to get in touch with them for an estimate.

8. Adobe Acrobat Sign-Avionté Integration

Adobe Acrobat Sign

One of the best inventions of the digital age is the ability to sign documents in a legally binding manner–via your device. This service not only allows you to do that, but also to convert and edit PDF files.

Adobe Acrobat Sign-Avionté Integration Pricing

There are standard and pro plans, with one at £15 per user/month and another at about £24 per user/month. And for enterprise-sized companies, there is a personalised option available.

9. Sense-Avionté Integration

Sense Talent Engagement

Personalisation during the application and interview process can be the deciding factor for candidates choosing between two companies. With Sense, you'll have access to an AI chatbot, in addition to a scheduling software to support talent engagement.

Sense-Avionté Integration Pricing

Sense's prices are on request only, so you'll need to get in touch with their sales team for an accurate estimate.

10. Timerack-Avionté Integration


If there is one thing that gets an employee's goat, it's fussing with timesheets. Timerack automates that process with an intuitive interface which can also help to ensure compliance.

Timerack-Avionté Integration Pricing

If you're considering Timerack, you'll need to reach out to their team for pricing information.

What does Avionté do?

As one of the industry's top CRM & ATS staffing software, Avionté staffing software simplifies billing and payroll tasks while supporting sourcing, candidate experience, and onboarding. Staffing and recruitment agencies' needs are met by Avionté's comprehensive platform, which provides support for back office and front office. Here are a few of the specific benefits offered by Avionté.

  • Automate time-consuming work to unlock operational savings and increase efficiency
  • Go almost completely paperless thanks to workflows, integrations, and the all-in-one CRM/ATS platform
  • Find the best CVs thanks to a spotlight tool
  • Business intelligence features including a data lake and overall of costs, talent pipeline, and more

In short, Avionté goes a long way in reducing costs for staffing and recruiting agencies, and helping recruiters do their job more efficiently. As a result, they have more time and energy for high value tasks like managing their candidate pipeline and relationship building.

Avionté Staffing Software FAQ

What type of software is Avionté?

Avionté is an end-to-end staffing software that includes CRM and ATS capabilities. Avionté staffing software permits you to simplify time-intensive tasks related to recruitment, particularly when it comes to payroll, billing, and talent management. Avionté even offers business intelligence tools so you can improve the ROI of your operations and benefit from a global overview of recruiting agents' performance. Finally, you can integrate Avionté with other business software to reduce the time spent on repetitive data entry and otherwise improve efficiency of processes.

Is Avionté an applicant tracking system?

Avionté is an application tracking system that integrates with other business applications to seamlessly exchange data. As a result, it greatly improves efficiency, allowing recruiters to decrease time spent on low value tasks like redundant data entry and focus on managing their pipeline and relationship building.

What is Avionte 247?

Avionté 24/7 is a mobile talent platform with multiple modules to support onboarding, pay, talent engagement, and a mobile job board. This VMS (vendor management system) is a mobile candidate experience tool. In summary, Avionté 24/7 empowers recruiters to attract, engage, and onboard candidates.


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