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“ We needed a solution that could help us grow our business. “
François Bureau
Director of Customer Success at PayPlug

The PayPlug team were looking for a reliable telephony solution to support their growth.

2012 Year of creation
50 users in France
+80,000 calls per year
23 seconds Average waiting time

About Payplug:

Created in 2012, PayPlug is a French payment solution that allows merchants to collect payments by credit card, online and in store.

Payplug's Challenges

Before opting for a VoIP solution, the PayPlug teams used traditional telephony. In 2017 PayPlug turned to IP telephony to help support the company in its growth. As the PayPlug teams grow, the need for a flexible telephony solution which is easy to configure and setup was a major factor in their decision. 

Payplug needed:

  • an easy-to-use and flexible IP telephony solution, allowing them to communicate from anywhere
  • advanced telephone configuration features Interactive Voice Server
  • easy management of permissions and call groups
  • a 360° view of telephone activity, with the possibility of generating clear activity reports< /li>
“ “We needed a solution that was easy to set up and maintain, and that could help us grow our business.” “
François Bureau
Director of Customer Success at PayPlug

Ringover’s solution

Ringover allows PayPlug teams total flexibility in terms of the way they work. PayPlug's sales team were still using a telephony solution with desk phones when the first pandemic wave hit. The removal of landlines and the use of an IP telephony solution proved the necessary features for all the teams in order to comply with the restrictions that were beginning to be put in place.

The many features Ringover offers gave Payplug the scalability prospects they needed. Therefore, PayPlug turned to Ringover to support it in this development.

By choosing Ringover, Payplug chose:

  • The Ringover dashboard, that easily allows them to monitor KPIs to and team call performance
  • The ability to give managers and supervisors access to certain features such as team configuration, call distribution rules or even the creation of reports allows for increased efficiency and better adoption of the tool by the teams.
  • Ringovers simple integration with the tools used by the PayPlug teams (Hubspot, Zendesk, etc.)
“ Our needs having changed a lot over time, we were looking for a solution that would allow us to manage our telephony more easily, and to go further thanks to advanced management and administration features. “
François Bureau
Director of Customer Success at PayPlug

The Ringover advantage: simple tool integration

Intergration with other tools was an essential feature for managers who needed to easily monitor and report information. The integration of Ringover with the business tools already in place (HubSpot, Zendesk ect) allows sales and CSM teams to benefit from all the features provided.

“ Each call creates a ticket in Zendesk , which allows us to retrieve data, including the reasons for the call and the channels used to contact us. So we can easily quantify our calls over a period of time. “
François Bureau
Director of Customer Success at PayPlug

Do you face similar challenges to Payplug?

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