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Enjoy Better Call Centre Performance with a Reliable Business VoIP Provider

As a business searching for a trusted, high-quality and affordable call centre solution, you need to find a reliable business VoIP provider. Ringover offers a robust VoIP software package that has the ability to help you increase contact centre performance, improve customer satisfaction levels, and consistently scale your business’ response to fluctuating contact centre call volume, outbound dialler performance, and other factors. With Ringover’s call management software, your business can thrive with a high-quality 100% cloud contact centre that is effectively managed and monitored by you from your own remote location.

A friendly and flexible cloud phone system for your company’s everyday needs
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  • Unlimited calls to 110 destinations
  • Local number from 43 countries
  • Mobile, web, and desktop applications
  • IVR and call forwarding
  • Call logs and recordings
  • Call and voicemail transcription
  • Click-to-call
  • Video conference, instant messaging
  • Access to our API
A 100% integrated cloud solution that empowers team management and support
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All SMART features, plus:
  • Local number from 65 countries
  • Advanced IVR (smart routing, call groups, call queues…)
  • 2 integrations
  • Advanced analytics
  • Coaching (double listening, whispering…)
  • Text message campaigns
  • Access to our webhooks
Advanced communication and productivity features to boost your business
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All BUSINESS features, plus:
  • Call campaigns
  • Power Dialler
  • Call scripts
  • Voicemail drop
  • Local Presence Dialling
  • 3 integrations
  • Single Sign-On

Ringover Offers You Multiple Features

Enjoy many simple and easy-to-use features when you implement Ringover’s full-service call centre software. As your business VoIP provider, Ringover delivers you the tools you need to easily and effectively manage your call centre:

  • Instant activation of new lines
  • Robust real-time dashboard
  • VoIP calling to up to 80 destinations

Explore the entire range of tools and features offered by Ringover, and see just how easy it is to create a positive impact on your business with a well-functioning cloud contact centre.

The Importance of a High-Quality Business VoIP Provider

Partnering with a dependable business VoIP provider is essential for running a successful cloud call centre. Ringover is here to help you set up your 100% cloud-based customer service centre, and get going in just a few simple steps. There’s no need for a technical specialist – all you need is a dependable internet connection and a computer or laptop to begin setting up your VoIP call centre. Ringover’s customer service representatives will be here to support you, should you have any questions. Within a few clicks, you’ll be able to configure your contact centre settings, and instantly add new lines and assign them to your users.

A fully-customisable dashboard that’s simple and easy to view will always be available to you, providing key performance indicators and easy access to reporting. Your dashboard will give you the ability to stay in touch with your call centre’s performance and react or make changes when needed, all from your remote location.

Give Your Team the Tools They Rely On

It Starts with Good Training and Helpful Coaching

Provide a solid base of skills training and constructive coaching for your agents, thanks to Ringover’s call monitoring and recording capabilities. Stay up to date on agent performance and spot the areas where your team members could use some training and feedback, both constructive and positive!

Integrate Your CRM Tools

Ringover enables you to fully integrate your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools into the platform, providing your agents with the ability to access everything they need from just one application. Team members will be able to pull client files, take actions, and make notes efficiently whilst speaking to customers, with the tools they depend on at their fingertips.

Helpful Skillet Routing

Does your team of agents possess different skillsets, such as being trained to support different inquiry types? Or maybe you have agents in different time zones, or who speak different languages. Ringover allows you to route incoming calls based on agent skillset assignment, ensuring your customers get in touch with an agent who can effectively assist them with their inquiry.

A VoIP Business Provider that Offers More than Just Calling

Create Your Own Call Campaigns

Create and manage customised call campaigns for your predictive dialler or auto dialler system, all from your Ringover dashboard.

Adjust as Needed

Monitor and manage both outbound and inbound call flows, as needed. Stay up to date on your contact centre’s key performance indicators and metrics, and take quick action from your dashboard to adjust call flow, call routing, and IVR settings.

Help When You Need It

Ringover’s customer service team is here when you need help. Although establishing and managing your full-service call centre is extremely easy with Ringover’s software, help is just a click or phone call away, if you ever run into a question that requires a bit of help.

Join the Thousands of Businesses Who Already Use Ringover

Empower Your Business

Enable your business to maintain high customer satisfaction levels by integrating your current CRM software into the Ringover platform.

Equip Your Team

Your team will be equipped to successfully manage call wait times and call duration with instant access to client files, and the ability to take actions and update notes all from one application.

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Your free trial of Ringover’s advanced cloud contact centre software can begin right now. In only a few clicks, you can start your free trial. Discover the power of having a reliable, high-performing business VoIP provider at your side. Begin your free trial today!

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Business VoIP Providers FAQ

  • What is VoIP telephony?
  • How do you make VoIP calls?
  • How can a VoIP business provider help my business?
  • Why would I choose to use VoIP telephony?
  • How do I set up VoIP for my business?
  • What is a VoIP business phone system?
  • What is the best business VoIP?
  • Is VoIP worth it for a small business?
  • How much does business VoIP cost?

What is VoIP telephony?

VoIP telephony is a method of sending phone calls via the internet rather than via traditional landlines. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This technology converts voice signals into digital packets and delivers them over broadband internet. As a result, the clarity and quality of VoIP calls is typically higher than calls placed over traditional phone lines.

How do you make VoIP calls?

All you need to make and accept VoIP calls is a smart phone, laptop or computer, with a VoIP software application, along with a good internet connection. Once the VoIP software is downloaded, you’ll be able to enjoy VoIP calling from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

How can a VoIP business provider help my business?

The fact that VoIP calling is supported over the internet means that your business can set up a telephony system without requiring much hardware. You will need a computer or smartphone, a router and an internet connection to start. As long as your agents also have the necessary equipment and an internet connection, they will have the ability to work from any location as long as they have an internet connection. VoIP calling also benefits businesses with additional features such as video-conferencing and the ability to send multi-media messages.

Why would I choose to use VoIP telephony?

There are multiple benefits to VoIP calling, in addition to portability and low operational and equipment costs. VoIP calling enables users to send multi-media messages, hold video conferences, and establish instant phone lines. Calling is generally easier, less expensive, and faster with a VoIP service than with landline telephony systems.

How do I set up VoIP for my business?

Your first step to setting up VoIP calling for your business is to make sure you have a good internet service and connection. Next decide how many users you will have, and then select a VoIP business provider. Once you have downloaded the VoIP software from your provider and finished configuring your settings, you will be able to add new lines and assign numbers to your users, who each must have access to the software via laptop, computer or smart phone, and a softphone if needed.

What is a VoIP business phone system?

A VoIP business phone system is a kind of phone system that makes and receives calls over the internet using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. Unlike the plain old telephone service lines that transmit voice calls through copper wires, VoIP systems convert them into data packets and send them over internet connections.

A business VoIP system can be software-based or hardware-based. Software-based phones or softphones are software programs compatible with internet-enabled devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and desktops. A hardware-based VoIP phone looks similar to landlines but works on internet connections without an on-premise PBX.

Likewise, VoIP business solutions are often cloud-hosted and managed by third-party service providers who offer services on a subscription-based model. In addition to local and international calling, a business VoIP provider gives several additional features and functionalities like SMS, internet fax, monitoring tools, and others.

What is the best business VoIP?

As the business VoIP system is gaining popularity, many service providers now offer cloud-based VoIP solutions to businesses on a subscription-based model. You can subscribe to a monthly plan that suits your budget and enjoy its features and functionalities.

If you are looking for a cost-effective yet feature-rich VoIP business system, Ringover is a good choice. It offers a full suite of communication solutions, including VoIP calling, call centre software, instant messaging, internet faxing, video conferencing, and others. It is available in web and mobile apps, and you can access the platform across devices. The subscription starts at as low as £19 per user per month.

Other popular business VoIP service providers that offer enterprise-level solutions in the market are:

  • Ringover
  • Vonage
  • GoTo Connect
  • Grasshopper
  • CallHippo
  • magicJack
  • Google Voice
  • Zoom
  • Phone.com
  • Nextiva
  • Ring Central
  • Ooma Office
  • Dialpad
  • 8x8

Is VoIP worth it for a small business?

Yes. Small businesses can benefit from a VoIP solution in more ways than one. These include:

  • Cost-effectiveness: By choosing a subscription plan from a cloud-based business VoIP provider, SMEs can cut costs on hardware, installation, maintenance, and others.
  • Scalability: VoIP solution providers charge you per user, which makes it a scalable option. You can add or remove users as your company grows.
  • Features: VoIP business solutions offer you features such as unlimited calling, internet fax, SMS, call recording, automatic dialler, video conferencing, and others. Such features help small businesses make the most of their resources.
  • Portability: Cloud VoIP systems don’t require any on-premise equipment, making it ideal for small teams without dedicated offices and remote-first SMEs.
  • Data insights: VoIP business phone systems come with analytics and monitoring tools. Small businesses can use insights derived from these tools to improve their agent/employee performance and run effective campaigns.

How much does business VoIP cost?

Since cloud VoIP telephony works over the internet and doesn’t require infrastructure, it is less expensive than traditional telephony. Typically, service providers offer basic and advanced calling plans, and you can purchase one by paying monthly subscription fees.

Though there are several VoIP business solution providers in the market, their pricing varies. Ringover is one of the most cost-effective and feature-rich systems, with the plans starting at £19 per user. The basic plan has all essential features like unlimited calling to over 90 destinations, IVR, web and mobile apps, and others.

If you want additional features like analytics, native integrations, call campaigns, call monitoring, etc., you can choose the advanced plan for £39 per user per month. VoIP business solution providers like Ringover offer unlimited calling in all their plans. You will be charged only for calls to out-of-plan destinations based on predefined rates.

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