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Rapidly improve customer engagement

During each incoming call, automatically retrieve the contact's information as well as their history thanks to the automatic file escalation.
Your teams are thus able to provide a more personalised interaction.

Rapidly improve customer engagement

Save time typing

Stop wasting time creating tickets and entering call logs. With this awesome integration, all of your telephone conversations are automatically recorded in Gorgias.

Save time typing

Boost the productivity of your support teams

Thanks to the click-to-call functionality, there is no need to manually dial the numbers for each call as your agents can initiate calls directly from the Gorgias platform in a single click.

Boost the productivity of your support teams

Improve the management of call transfers

Easily transfer in-progress calls to a member of your team or a group. You can choose the type of transfer such as direct transfer, internal transfers and direct messaging.

Improve the management of call transfers

Handle all calls faster

At just a glance, your team can access and view essential Gorgias customer information directly within the Ringover dialler: enabling faster call handling and providing a smoother, personalised welcome experience for your customers.

Handle all calls faster

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Gorgias Integration FAQ

  • Does Gorgias have CTI integration?
  • Does Gorgias integrate with VoIP?
  • How do you make a phone call in Gorgias?
  • How do you answer a call in Gorgias?
  • How do I integrate Ringover with Gorgias?

Does Gorgias have CTI integration?

Gorgias does have a CTI integration which allows you to make phone calls from its software. Their CTI integration software is called Gorgias Voice and is an add-on that’s not included in any of the plans. To use the Gorgias Voice feature, at least $30 will be added to your bill each month.

It’s worth noting that since Gorgias focuses on e-commerce customer service, the services are relatively limited in general. For example, the monthly plans focus on supplying a limited number of tickets. Key communication channels like video conference or email aren’t included. For customers, this results in a subpar experience, because they may not be able to communicate with your business in their preferred manner.

So while Gorgias does have a CTI integration on offer, businesses who rely on phone and multichannel communication should consider other options. For example, services like Ringover offer unlimited calling domestically and to 110 destinations, and bring sophisticated telephony features to help organise your interactions. You will even be able to call contacts with one click within the Gorgias interface itself.

Does Gorgias integrate with VoIP?

You can integrate Gorgias with VoIP to streamline your customer service operations.

Though Gorgias has a voice service, it’s only available as an expensive add-on for $30 per month. Plus, the service is very basic–it offers the interaction history with each customer, but that’s about it. In order to offer a high quality customer experience, you’ll need sophisticated telephony features. These telephony tools include interactive voice response (IVR), which allows customers to access information and departments easily and independently. Call recording and transcription are two other important features to have on hand. Call recording can be necessary due to legal requirements, but it can also be a crucial tool when settling disputes or training new employees. And thanks to automatic call transcription, you’ll have searchable records of each customer call.

How do you make a phone call in Gorgias?

To make a phone call in Gorgias, you either need to have the Gorgias Voice add-on that costs an extra $30 monthly, or a VoIP service integrated with Gorgias.

If you have Gorgias Voice, you’ll need to click the phone number in the customer’s profile.

If you’ve integrated Gorgias Voice with a VoIP service like Ringover, you’ll have the click-to-call feature. With that feature, you can reach a customer in just one click. Plus, Ringover simplifies tedious after-call administrative tasks. To save you time, Ringover automatically creates tickets and updates call logs. Your calls are even automatically recorded within the Gorgias platform. You’ll have everything you need, in one convenient place.

How do you answer a call in Gorgias?

In order to receive a call in the Gorgias desktop interface, you’ll need to set your status as available.

If you would like to answer a call through the mobile app, unfortunately you cannot. You’ll need to set up call forwarding to your mobile device.

However, if you have Ringover integrated with Gorgias, you’ll be able to receive phone calls on your mobile device through the Ringover mobile app.

How do I integrate Ringover with Gorgias?

Integrating Ringover with Gorgias will give you easy access to your client call history, in one intuitive interface. To integrate Gorgias and Ringover, just follow these steps:

  1. Sign into a Ringover administrator account if you’re not already.
  2. Sign into your Gorgias administrator account if you’re not already.
  3. Connect Ringover and Gorgias.