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Zoom Phone Integration (VoIP / CTI)

Zoom Integration

  • View your video call history
  • Keep a trace of your calls with recordings !
  • View your video call history
  • Keep a trace of your calls with recordings !


  • Access your Zoom video call history directly via your Ringover interface
  • Save your sales valuable time!

View your video call history

Access the history of all your Zoom and Ringover Meet video calls, directly via the Ringover interface. You’ll easily be ale to pull up all of your conversations, as well as those of your team!

Keep a trace of your calls with recordings !

It’ll only take a few back to access your past video call recordings. Go back over conversations, whether it’s as part of skill-building sessions with your teams or (but hopefully not) as part of a litigation with a client: You won’t lose a single detail!

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Zoom Integration FAQ

  • Does Zoom have CTI Integration?
  • Can you connect to Zoom by phone?
  • Can you use Zoom as a VoIP?
  • How does Zoom phone system work?
  • How do I integrate Ringover with Zoom?

Does Zoom have CTI Integration?

Zoom does have a CTI integration which allows you to make phone calls from its software. Their CTI integration software is called Zoom Phone and begins at $8 per user per month. However, that’s just the baseline cost for a software subscription. It doesn’t include communication channels like video conference, email, or social media.

In fact, Zoom Phone customers even have to purchase packages of minutes to make calls, the cost of which differs depending on the destination. For customers, this results in a subpar experience, because they never know exactly what their monthly bill will be.

So while Zoom does have a CTI integration on offer, businesses who rely on phone and multichannel communication should consider other options. For example, services like Ringover offer unlimited calling domestically and to 110 destinations, so you won’t have to worry about your bill fluctuating.

Can you connect to Zoom by phone?

You can connect to Zoom video conferences or Zoom Phone through a smartphone. In fact, you can connect to Zoom software through any Internet-connected device. However, you can’t dial in to Zoom without being online.

You can join a Zoom meeting by phone in a few easy steps.

  1. Download the Zoom mobile app.
  2. Tap “Join a Meeting” if you don’t want to sign in.
  3. Enter the Meeting ID and your display name.
  4. Select if you’d like to connect audio or video and tap “Join Meeting”.

Can you use Zoom as a VoIP?

Yes, you can use Zoom as a VoIP. Zoom has a dedicated phone service called Zoom Phone, which has many VoIP features like:

One thing to note about Zoom is its pricing system. Though the basic phone plan starts at $8 per user per month, Zoom sells minutes on a metered system. So you have to purchase bundles of minutes to complement your plan, which can add up quickly every month. You even have to consult a list of different prices to understand how much calling each destination will run you. At this most basic level, only US and Canada numbers are available, and that cost only covers one number.

Also worth noting is that Zoom’s phone service is limited to phone calls only. If you want to offer customers other channel options, you’ll need to subscribe to Zoom’s other service plans. While there is a free tier that offers video conferences, the meetings are limited to 40 minutes. And losing connection in the middle of a call is quite disruptive, to say the least.

Zoom may work for businesses focused on internal communications. However, if you’re looking to operate robust sales and customer service departments, you’ll need a VoIP service built to support those functions. These services, like Ringover’s, give you more bang for your buck. They include all the same sophisticated telephony features as Zoom, while offering unlimited calling to international destinations. Plus, multiple communication channels are provided, as well as an analytics dashboard to understand performance.

How does Zoom phone system work?

Zoom’s phone system, which is called Zoom Phone, is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. With VoIP, audio is transferred over the Internet. There are many VoIP software available, most of which, like Ringover, offer multichannel communications like audio and videocalls. That’s not the case with Zoom Phone, which only offers phone calls.

To make a phone call with Zoom Phone, you follow these steps:

  1. Sign into Zoom.
  2. Dial a number using one of these methods.
    • Dial on the number pad.
    • Copy and paste a number into the text field.
    • Search your contacts by name or number.
  3. Once you’ve input the number through your preferred method, click the phone icon.

How do I integrate Ringover with Zoom?

Integrating Ringover with Zoom will give you easy access to your client call history, in one intuitive interface. To integrate the software and improve access to call history and call recordings, just follow these steps:

  1. Sign into a Ringover administrator account if you’re not already.
  2. Sign into your Zoom administrator account if you’re not already.
  3. On the Ringover dashboard, click “Activate” next to Zoom.
  4. Enter your Zoom account details.
  5. Then you can start configuring your integration.
  6. Map your users. This will ensure the necessary people have access.
  7. Once you launch a meeting, the information for this meeting will appear on the “Activity” page of your dashboard.
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