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5 ways to reward your sales prospectors

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 5 ways to reward your sales prospectors


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The first true value for a salesperson dedicated to prospection is their commission. Your company’s commission structure is a key element of your plan of attack. You’ll recruit sharper profiles is commission is motivating.Here is an overview of the 5 practises to implement in order to optimise your sales team’s daily and long-term involvement.5 ways to reward your sales prospectors


Once a deal has been closed, don’t wait! This is the principle of ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) in behavioural psychology: provide an immediate reward for success. Certain startups allow their salespeople to celebrate signing on an important deal with team rituals. For example, by supplying candy, the salesperson who has just closed the deal can immediately act as the group’s benefactor, opening a "treasure" chest and distributing favourite treats to colleagues.Such practises reinforce a positive image with the team and anchor business success in the collective mindset, encouraging renewal of that positive experience.Other startups opt for a more classic system with immediate bonuses. However small the bonus may be, what’s important is that it’s there, and your salespeople want it. Too many bonuses are granted late. If they don’t happen within an immediate timeframe, they won’t have the same effect.


To make your mark with them, surprise your employees. A sales prospector is naturally attracted to novelty. You must therefore consider revamping your store of rewards in order to maintain a surprise effect once an important deal has been made.Don’t hesitate to go bigger when success is worthy and will bring a new scale to your startup. Have gift boxes available and spontaneously offer a Ferrari driving course to the sales representative who has just reached their annual goal 6 months in advance.Not only does this fit with the immediacy of the previous point, but you’ll make a difference by offering an experience that is out of the ordinary. And by the way, this kind of experience will cost you much less than your traditional financial bonuses, while the impact in terms of motivation will be very clear.


Your sellers need to know where they’re going and shoot for the moon (or Mars!) to surpass themselves. Make it known that you’ll provide an extraordinary bonus to the first salesperson to win a contract worth a million. This may seem an exaggeration, but it works!Placing your ambitions at the heart of your employees’ long-term concerns is the the Holy Grail of their conquest. To keep their determination to act on the battlefield intact, you need to create a team of "patriotic" fighters, ready to wet their shirts to surpass the competition.Give 5% capital to the first salesperson who reaches this historic milestone for your company. This way you’ll align their interests with yours, satisfying in fair measure elements that will drastically change the nature of your business project. Your salespeople will jump on the chance to be the first to win this exceptional bonus.


During your business meetings, forget about reports. Each collective meeting is a privileged moment; an opportunity to boost your team and move one step further. Each meeting must be a source of emulation. Your salespeople should feel excited about entering the meeting room.Reward those who surprise the group the most: you must encourage creativity, not numbers, and place value on quality over quantity.For example, you can promote the salesperson who manages to find a new prospection technique that assures you of metrics and a double pull. Beyond the salary, they will also be valued by their peers. Create ranks and issue new "appellations.” Make the eyes of your sellers shine, and they’ll give everything in return.


Don’t let your teammates down, even in a sandstorm or a 5-metre high wave surge. True leaders reveal themselves in their reactions to crises. In the face of a bitter defeat, know how to comfort and compensate despite everything.Bouncing back from failure will help you to reduce your team’s stress level and play down risk-taking. Give your salespeople some relief when they’ve just been hung up on for the tenth time. You want them to continue to prospect vigorously. Closed doors must not slow them down. Create a specific bonus dedicated to sales prospecting. It’s only those who don’t try at all that don’t fail. ***RingOver is an innovative company committed to promoting good managerial practises and encouraging its employees to vigorously pursue its long-term objectives. This is part of the foundation necessary to ensure steady growth of its activities and the development of its employees. If you’re seeking for a new challenge, the company is always looking to welcome new talent for its Sales Department. Don’t hesitate to apply at [email protected]!

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