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The 11 Best JustCall Alternatives

Do you need a better VoIP telephony solution? Discover the best JustCall alternatives with features and tools that meet your specific needs.

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The 11 Best JustCall Alternatives


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Having an efficient and reliable business phone system is essential for ensuring smooth communication with your clients, suppliers, partners, and other contacts.

JustCall is a popular choice among many businesses, especially in North America, thanks to its modern cloud telephony platform, but what JustCall are available on the market?

Below, we will explore the 11 best JustCall alternatives, examining in-depth what they offer and their strengths in terms of features, pricing, and usability.

You will discover VoIP phones that offer essential or more advanced features, such as virtual numbers, virtual PBX, or IVR builders.

So, which VoIP provider other than JustCall should you choose, whether you're a small or medium-sized enterprise, a hyper-growth scale-up, or a large corporation?

Table: 11 top JustCall competitors

RingoverStable and high-quality VoIP callingMay be too powerful for entrepreneursPlans begin at £19 per user/month
CloudTalkModern interfaceComplicated configurationOptions begin at £25 per user/month
AvayaMany integrations possibleUser interface can be difficult to understandComplex pricing because of a large product range, and prices aren't given in pounds
8x8Virtual phone system with advanced featuresLittle technical support accessibleNo information is available in pounds
VonagePossible to have follow up on callsSome advanced functionalities require technical configurationThe pricing is complicated, but it appears plans begin around £10 per user/month
3CXBusiness phone system with featuresNo phone service provided, you have to contract with a separate provider to actually make callsProducts start at £235 per year
CloudCallLarge integrations library availableDeployment can be very expensiveTwo products are available, one at £29 per user/month and the other starting at £15
Five9Possibility for omnichannel communication contact centreVery little insights due to limited analyticsNo prices provided in British pounds
NextivaThere is a customer experience platform that accompanies the VoIP softwareComplex pricing structuresPrices shift depending on the amount of users on your plan
OomaCreated to support small businessesUnlimited calling limited to North AmericaNo prices given in British pounds
Zoom PhoneEasily integrates with classic Zoom video call softwareVery basic features, metered calling drives up costsPlans begin at £8 per month but calls are metered

What is JustCall?


Founded in 2016 in the United States, JustCall is a company specialising in virtual phone systems. The solution offers interesting features but does not provide unlimited outgoing calls, which is a standard feature in solutions like Ringover.

Therefore, JustCall is primarily aimed at teams using inbound call centre software, such as customer service departments.

JustCall particularly targets small and medium-sized enterprises with offers designed for one or two users (minimum).

JustCall offers a few integrations, notably with CRMs like Hubspot. They also have key features for contact centres, such as interactive voice response (IVR) menus and call recording.

How much is JustCall?

Unfortunately, JustCall doesn't list their prices in British pounds. So if you want to get an accurate idea of the budget required for this service, you'll need to reach out to their sales team for a personalised quote.

However, you can get an idea of their price ranges by looking at the prices listed as they are, in US dollars. JustCall offers three price levels, one at $19 per user per month, a second at $29, and a third at $49 per user per month. There is also an on-demand pricing option with a minimum of 10 users, offering custom options in addition to other features such as SLA and dedicated technical support.

The cheapest offer is relatively limited in its features, especially if outbound calls are a significant part of your teams' activities.

Why choose an alternative to JustCall?

Below, we've listed the three main reasons why it's more relevant to choose an alternative to JustCall:

You need an excellent user experience solution

JustCall presents itself as ideal VoIP software for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Despite its low price for its basic offer, reviews consistently mention bugs and service outages, and users are surprised by the cost of additional features.

Moreover, account setup can be confusing for some users. In contrast, the Ringover alternative stands out for its easy setup, quality onboarding, and reliable tools.

You need a quality service at the best price

One of the most important things to note about JustCall is that it does not offer unlimited outgoing calls unless you subscribe to its most expensive plan. This plan is a demand-based pricing model with a minimum of 10 users.

Therefore, if you need excellent value for money, regardless of the size of your business, consider a solution like Ringover–plans begin at just £19.

Furthermore, Ringover offers flexibility in adjusting your plan, allowing you to quickly add or deactivate lines as your business evolves.

You are expanding your business internationally

JustCall only offers virtual phone numbers from 70 countries, and pricing is another major drawback. Both incoming and outgoing calls are charged per minute, so monthly bills can quickly add up. If you want to control your expenses, it's better to opt for a service like Ringover, which offers unlimited calls on all plans.

The 11 best alternatives to JustCall for your business telecommunications

Explore the 11 best JustCall competitors to fully exploit and master your telecommunications.

Best Alternative #1: Ringover


Ringover offers a robust omnichannel communication solution for growing small businesses with transparent pricing plans. With three all-inclusive packages, businesses can optimise their sales and customer service communications at a fair price.

In addition to traditional telephony, Ringover also caters to professionals for whom telephony is an essential lever: sales teams, recruitment teams, customer service departments, etc.

You will find features and tools such as:

Ringover's Main Advantages ➕

  • All-inclusive plans
  • Unlimited inbound and outbound calls to international destinations
  • Advanced telephony features like call recording, call monitoring, IVR menus, and more

Ringover's Disadvantages ➖

  • May be too powerful a software for entrepreneurs
Try Ringover For 7 Days Free!

Alternative #2: CloudTalk


CloudTalk specialises in cloud contact centre software. Developed in Slovakia, this solution is primarily aimed at European businesses. Relatively easy to use, it stands out for its modern interface and versatility. There are only three pricing plans, with the cheapest starting at £25 per user/month.

CloudTalk Advantages ➕

  • Versatility
  • Modern interface

CloudTalk Disadvantages ➖

  • Complicated setup
  • Lack of transparency on final prices

Alternative #3: Avaya


Avaya offers communication and cloud services to optimise workflow. Its main solution is a CCaaS available in four packages. The service doesn't give pricing information in British pounds, so you'll need to reach out to them to confirm the prices they've listed in dollars. Avaya does offer unlimited national calls, chat, and 24/7 support.

However, this plan does not include IVR. This is a feature offered on their more expensive plans. Another important thing to keep in mind about Avaya is that many features are offered as add-on modules, and stacking them up will eventually increase your bill.

Avaya Advantages ➕

  • Easy installation
  • All packages include 24/7 phone support

Avaya Disadvantages ➖

  • Key features such as call whispering and analytics are only available on the most expensive plans
  • The most expensive plan is limited to 20 users
  • Many add-ons drive up the price

Alternative #4: 8x8


8x8 offers telephony, video, chat, and contact centre services for businesses. This American VoIP service provider offers call analysis and API solutions, as well as voice and video calls and text messages for businesses.

There aren't any prices listed on the 8x8 website, so if you're interested in this software, it would be best to reach out to their sales team.

8x8 Advantages ➕

8x8 Disadvantages ➖

  • Some service plans limit the number of users
  • Unlimited inbound/outbound calls are not available for all destinations

Alternative #5: Vonage


Vonage is an American provider of cloud communications offering B2B services such as APIs and cloud contact centre technologies.

However, Vonage is relatively expensive, and prices are more suitable for medium and large businesses. Additionally, Vonage offers a pricing plan that varies based on the number of users.

If you have fewer than five users, there is an option that starts at £10 per user/month. So if you need more features and support, you'll have to reach out to their sales team.

Vonage Advantages ➕

  • Ideal for businesses with many users
  • Vonage offers more than 20 integrations

Vonage Disadvantages ➖

  • If you need accessories, the additional cost is considerable
  • This can represent a costly pricing structure for small businesses

Alternative #6: 3CX


3CX is a communication software initially based on Private Branch Exchange (PBX). 3CX allows you to make calls, do instant messaging, manage voicemail, or even video calls. 3CX stands out for its distribution model.

Indeed, the solution is not sold directly by its publisher but through a network of partners, whose members set more or less freely the final prices of their offers. In addition, 3CX is not a telecom operator, which explains its low prices.

Therefore, you will necessarily have to open a professional phone line with a compatible operator to benefit from it.

3CX Advantages ➕

  • Live chat
  • Free version

3CX Disadvantages ➖

  • Video conferences limited to 25 participants
  • No virtual numbers

Alternative #7: CloudCall


CloudCall is a telecommunications service provider that allows you to integrate certain phone functions into your CRM for customer service.

This software and telecommunications solution helps companies improve their communications by automating some tedious tasks such as updating customer management software. By using CloudCall, companies can optimise business relationships with prospects and customers.

CloudCall Advantages ➕

  • Wide range of integrations
  • Simple configuration

CloudCall Disadvantages ➖

  • Lack of transparency in pricing
  • The list of features can be limited

Alternative #8: Five9


Five9 is a leading provider of cloud contact centre software that enables businesses to engage with their customers through various channels, including phone, email, chat, social media, and more.

Their platform offers advanced features like IVR (Interactive Voice Response), omnichannel routing, real-time analytics, and workforce optimization tools. With Five9, organisations can enhance their customer experience, increase agent productivity, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Five9 Advantages ➕

  • Omnichannel communications available

Five9 Disadvantages ➖

  • Little coverage, especially outside of USA

Alternative #9: Nextiva


Nextiva is an enterprise communication platform that provides a wide range of services, including voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems, video conferencing, team collaboration tools, and more.

Nextiva's platform is designed to help businesses improve their communication and collaboration internally and with customers. It offers features like auto-attendant, call routing, call recording, instant messaging, and file sharing. Through Nextiva, organisations can streamline their communication processes and enhance productivity while reducing costs.

Nextiva Advantages ➕

  • Huge range of services due to its longstanding status

Nextiva Disadvantages ➖

  • Limited integrations
  • Certain basic features like call recording or integrations are only included in the most expensive price plan

Alternative #10: Ooma


Ooma is a cloud-based phone service provider that offers Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions for both residential and business users. There are many features available, including voicemail, call waiting, CTI screen pop, call forwarding, and virtual receptionist capabilities. The service also offers additional features such as advanced call blocking, mobile app integration, and the ability to use existing landline phones with their service.

Ooma aims to provide cost-effective and reliable phone solutions, offering competitive pricing plans with unlimited calling within the United States and Canada. They also provide options for international calling at lower rates, making it a suitable choice for businesses with global operations or frequent international communication needs.

Ooma Advantages ➕

  • High quality calling service

Ooma Disadvantages ➖

  • Barebones selection of features
  • It appears you may need to purchase a device to use the service

Alternative #11: Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone is a cloud-based phone system offered by Zoom, the popular video conferencing platform. It provides businesses with a modern and unified solution for their communication needs, integrating with the existing Zoom Meetings and Chat functionalities.

One of the key advantages of Zoom Phone is its scalability and flexibility. It can be easily deployed and managed across different devices and locations, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Zoom Phone Advantages ➕

  • Easily integrates with Zoom's classic service

Zoom Phone Disadvantages ➖

  • Very limited selection of features
  • Very expensive for service provided

What is the best alternative cloud communication solution to JustCall?

Among the best alternatives to JustCall, one stands out in particular: Ringover.

This platform has the advantage of being an alternative present in several markets, in Europe and internationally. It is a versatile solution that allows you to manage remote teams and integrate different tools easily.

Moreover, Ringover has developed its own conversational analysis solution through which companies can optimise their customer relations, identify new opportunities, and better train their employees.

Try Ringover and discover for yourself why it is considered the best option on the business communications market.

JustCall Alternatives FAQ

How much does JustCall cost?

While JustCall doesn't provide prices in British pounds, they do list information in US dollars. The software offers three plans, one at $30 per user/month, a second option at about $40 per user/month, with a final plan at $70 per user/month. There is also a fourth option which is price upon request, and is the only one to offer unlimited outgoing calls.

Who are JustCall's main competitors?

Justcall has been operating in the highly competitive business telephony sector since 2016. Justcall primarily targets medium-sized businesses focused on customer service because they do not offer unlimited outgoing calls unless you subscribe to the Business plan. Here are the most relevant alternatives to JustCall:

  1. Ringover
  2. CloudTalk
  3. Avaya
  4. 8x8
  5. Vonage
  6. 3CX
  7. CloudCall
  8. Five9
  9. Nextiva
  10. Ooma
  11. Zoom Phone

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