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Cloud Phones: Ways to maintain awesome service over the holidays!

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 Cloud Phones:  Ways to maintain awesome service over the holidays!


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Ringover tells you why VoIP is vital for your business during the festive season and how it can help you during one of the busiest periods of the year For any businesses operating over the Christmas holidays and New Year, they know how important it is that their customers are looked after in terms of sales and support. A robust telephone solution is vital. Customers need to be able to connect with you on an almost daily basis, at whatever time of day it is and regardless of festive holidays. Your telephone systems must be able to handle one of the busiest times of year, with large amounts of calls coming through.

How cloud phone systems can help you

Cloud phone service providers include powerful features not found with standard phone service such as Smart Routing , call recording, custom caller ID and so much more. If your current telephone system isn’t up to the job of handling large volumes of calls or coping with closing times, then you may want to think about a cloud calling phone system. Ringover’s range of VoIP phones were designed for businesses of all sizes. They can streamline call management workflows and improve your customer’s experience, which is vital for leaving them with a positive experience.

So how exactly can VoIP help you out over Christmas?

These days your customers need to be able to connect with you on an almost daily basis, at whatever time of day it is and regardless of festive holidays. Now is the time to make sure that your telephone systems can handle one of the busiest times of the year.

Busy periods - how to deal with them?

  • Set up call queuing with hold music or estimated wait time. Sometimes customers have to be put on hold. On average 70% of callers are put on hold, therefore you need to make sure your customers are engaged and stay on the line. Two thirds of customers who are met with silence will hang up within 30 seconds, so it’s vital you set up some sort of waiting greeting. Record messages giving information to customers on how else they can solve their query, your website, for example, or an email address.Change your configuration to help you manage reduced business hours.

      Closing business

        Set automated holiday messages – for example a short message to say that your business is closed and what date you will be reopen in the new year.Set up call diverts for employees who will be working from home answering calls.

      Flexible working

        Divert to mobiles if you are travelling over Christmas or going on holiday.Keep call costs low as those working from home can still communicate with the office.Video conferencing from home. Being able to have meetings and conferences from the comfort of your own home, means you no longer need to travel for them, which will save you both time and money!
      The key here is that a VoIP telephone system is extremely flexible. No matter what hours you are open over the holidays, or where in the world your employees are, a VoIP phone system can be configured to work for you and your customers.

      Make sure your business is equipped with VoIP this Christmas!

      If you would like to have Ringover ensure you are ready for this festive season, contact us on 844-411-1221 or send an email to sales @ringover.com and we will be happy to help you!

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