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The 10 best alternatives to 8x8

8x8 is a popular provider of business communication services, but its packages may not be suitable for growing businesses. Let's take a look at the top 10 8x8 competitors.

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The 10 best alternatives to 8x8


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In today's business world, having an efficient and reliable contact centre is crucial for delivering excellent customer service. While 8x8 is a popular option for many companies, there are 8x8 alternatives worth considering.

Discover the different options available in the market that can help transform your business communications and improve your cloud contact centre, enabling your company to deliver an outstanding customer experience and empower your sales team.

Below, we present the top 10 alternatives to 8x8, analysing this contact centre's features, strengths and weaknesses, pricing, and industry reputation.

Table: Top 10 8x8 competitors

1. RingoverComplete VoIP solutions tailored for growing businesses Overwhelming number of features From £19 per usermonth
2. RingCentralExtensive catalogue of integrations with other business systemsHigher prices compared to the market average Plans start from £18
3. 3CXOpen-source IP PBX with user-friendly interface Dependence on providers for service delivery From £235 per year
4. MitelScalable solution with several interesting features Difficult to configure and not very intuitive Mitel's pricing information isn't listed online
5. VonageAbility to personalise the IVR Unforeseen costs added to the final bill Plans begin at about £10 per usermonth
6. DialpadInterface known to have a good user experienceYour costs may be higher than expected because certain calls are billed per minutePrices started at £18 per usermonth
7. JustCallA robust business phone system with integrations availableOutbound calls aren't unlimited, so your bill could rise significantlyPrices are not listed in British pounds
8. Five9This software offers omnichannel communicationsThe analytics dashboard doesn't provide an adequate viewThey don't list prices in British pounds online
9. CloudTalkFeatures include conference calls and the ability to obtain international numbersSome productivity and efficiency tools are lackingSubscriptions range from £25 to £50 per usermonth
10. OomaSpecialised for small and medium businessesService can be very unreliableOoma only lists their plan prices in dollars

What is 8x8?

8x8 is a cloud-based virtual PBX platform that consolidates all business communication through voice, video, and text into a single platform. In addition to basic VoIP telephony services, it also offers API solutions, call analytics, conferencing, and contact centre solutions.

Users can enjoy unlimited calls to up to 48 countries in the enhanced plan. However, the basic communication package only offers unlimited calls within the US and Canada [1]. You'll need to get in touch with their sales team to understand more about their service inside the UK. On the plus side, the 8x8 Work application can be installed on desktop computers or mobile phones and integrated with other productivity and CRM applications.

8x8 Prices

8x8 offers three packages for Business Communications solutions and three packages for Contact Center solutions.

Unfortunately, 8x8 doesn't have their prices listed online in British pounds. So you'll need to get in touch with their team for more information.

Why should you stop using 8x8?

You have clients in various destinations

While 8x8 offers unlimited calls, the number of allowed destinations is limited. The Express package only allows unlimited calls within the US and Canada. The X2 package improves the situation and allows unlimited calls to 14 countries. The X4 package expands the coverage to 48 countries, but this may not be sufficient [2].

For example, you won't be able to use it to communicate with clients in Vietnam or Venezuela. Additionally, this limitation is exclusive to mobile numbers. If you need a package with unlimited calls to more destinations, you should consider other service providers such as Ringover.

You have clients in various destinations

You need better prices

The initial package, called Express, is aimed at small businesses, but it only allows up to five users per package and has limited features.

If you need to call clients in New Zealand or if you add a sixth person to your team, you will be forced to upgrade to the X2 plan, which costs much more. For CRM integrations, you will have to upgrade again and pay almost three times the user licence fee of the Express package.

If this exceeds your budget, you should look for other more affordable alternatives.

You need better prices

You need a scalable solution

There are two aspects to consider in terms of scalability for your business communication solution: team size and market reach. The Express package is limited to five users, so it cannot adapt to the growth of your team. There will come a point where you will need to expand it.

Similarly, there is a limited number of countries included in the unlimited calling plan. As your brand grows and connects with more international markets, you will be forced to pay extra for calls or upgrade to a higher plan.

This can slow down processes and hinder your growth. That's why you should look for competitors that offer a scalable solution.

You need a scalable solution

The 10 best alternatives to 8x8 for successful business communication

Best Alternative #1: Ringover


Ringover offers a comprehensive solution for business communication with features ranging from basic voice calls to call recording, video calls, software integration, and more.

The simplicity of package structuring, simplified call management, and user-friendly interface have made it often considered the best alternative to 8x8.

With features like unlimited calls to 110 destinations worldwide, interactive voice response (IVR) menus, conference calls, CRM integrations (including Salesforce, Zendesk, and Hubspot), and access to call analytics, Ringover enables users to be more productive and provides a better calling experience for customers.

Key Ringover advantages

  • Unlimited calling plans to 110 destinations worldwide
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Centralised omnichannel contact centre platform
  • 7-day free trial
Try Ringover For 7 Days Free!

Ringover pricing💲

Ringover offers three all-inclusive packages with prices starting from $21 to $54 per user/month.

Alternative #2: RingCentral


RingCentral is a cloud communication platform that offers voice calls, video calls, team messaging, conferencing, and a customer contact centre. You can choose a local number in over 105 countries and receive free calls, but the packages include a limited number of free minutes [3].

RingCentral advantages ➕

  • Local number in over 105 destinations
  • Localised voice prompts in 18 languages

RingCentral disadvantages ➖

  • The basic package allows for a limited number of users
  • Features like call recording are only available in higher-tier packages

RingCentral pricing💲

Their packages start at $30 per user/month. User licence fees are slightly lower for accounts with over 100 users. Therefore, it is well-suited for the needs of medium and large enterprises.

Alternative #3: 3CX


3CX is a popular alternative communication solution. However, there is an important difference to note: it is not a phone carrier. 3CX simply provides the necessary software to manage phone lines and numbers.

In addition to this functionality, you can find other features such as video calling, integrations with your business tools, or the ability to create a virtual PBX. However, if you want to obtain virtual numbers, you will need to request them from third-party providers.

Another drawback to consider is that 3CX sells its solutions through third parties, a network of distributors whose prices vary from provider to provider and from service to service.

3CX advantages ➕

  • Free basic version available

3CX disadvantages ➖

  • Complicated pricing structure
  • Outdated interface
  • Limited scalability

3CX pricing💲

Despite not acting as a telephone service provider, 3CX's prices are quite high, beginning at $145.

Alternative #4: Mitel


Mitel is a Canadian telecommunications company that offers integrated solutions for video, voice, and live chat on a single platform. In addition to communication, their packages are designed to promote collaboration and boost productivity.

Mitel advantages ➕

  • All-inclusive packages
  • Easy integration with productivity tools

Mitel disadvantages ➖

  • Choosing the right package can be confusing
  • Upgrades may be necessary to access all features

Mitel pricing💲

Mitel's plans are priced on request only.

Alternative #5: Vonage


Vonage is a business communication platform that allows customers to connect and communicate with businesses through voice and video calls, business SMS, and chat. Their services are structured into three packages with user licence fees that vary based on the number of users.

Vonage advantages ➕

  • Easily scalable packages
  • Integration with over 20 third-party applications

Vonage disadvantages ➖

  • Some features are available at additional costs
  • Can be expensive for small teams

Vonage pricing💲

Vonage has separate pricing for UCaaS and its contact centre software. If you just need a business phone system, there are plans beginning at £10 per user/month. On the other hand, if you need the more robust contact centre solution, you'll need to get in touch with their sales team–it's price on request only.

Alternative #6: Dialpad


This business communications tool has recently expanded to offer AI tools which are meant to improve the customer experience.

Dialpad advantages ➕

  • You can connect to the technology from any Internet-connected device

Dialpad disadvantages ➖

  • A lack of features relative to competitors
  • Call quality can be poor
  • Additional fees make it difficult to predict and understand your bill

Dialpad pricing💲

Dialpad has multiple products available, namely business communications and contact centre software. The communications suite has multiple plans, starting at £18 per user/month, and the contact centre product starts at £78 per user/month.

Alternative #7: JustCall


This software is a business phone system which offers call management tools, outbound call centre software, and omnichannel communication functionalities, including text messaging.

Not to mention, JustCall also has an AI tool called JustCall iQ which is meant to optimise the customer experience.

JustCall advantages ➕

  • A sandbox API so users can customise their tools
  • Quality customer support

JustCall disadvantages ➖

  • Confusing pricing due to additional fees
  • Difficult to configure and use CRM integrations
  • The software can glitch, complicating the user experience

JustCall pricing💲

Sadly, JustCall's prices aren't available online in British pounds.

Alternative #8: Five9


If you're in need of inbound contact centre software or outbound contact centre software, Five9 could be an option. They provide most business telephony features as well as automation tools.

Five9 advantages ➕

Five9 disadvantages ➖

  • Onboarding is known to be difficult
  • Personalising workflows can be a challenge
  • Setting up integrations poses difficulties and may even require support from IT professionals

Five9 pricing💲

Relative to other providers like Ringover, Five9 has a very high price. Their cheapest plans begin at $150 per month [4]. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding prices in British pounds on their website, so you'll need to reach out to get a better idea of what you'll have to pay.

Alternative #9: CloudTalk


CloudTalk's cloud VoIP system intends to provide businesses with a scalable and easy-to-use communication infrastructure. Built to help sales and customer service teams, this call centre software has a large feature selection and workflow automations.

CloudTalk advantages ➕

  • Analytics dashboard available

CloudTalk disadvantages ➖

  • Many features can result in a difficult experience
  • Doesn't support team collaboration as much as other services
  • High international call rates

CloudTalk pricing💲

CloudTalk has three subscription plans available which range in price from £25 to £50 per user/month.

Alternative #10: Ooma


Founded in 2004, Ooma is a veteran omnichannel communications service which offers both phone service for individuals and businesses. Ooma Office is specialised for small and medium businesses, offering a feature-rich UCaaS platform.

Ooma advantages ➕

  • Offers compatibility certain hardware, making it relatively easy to transition

Ooma disadvantages ➖

  • Call quality can have issues
  • Ooma isn't available in certain regions
  • Limited access to integrations
  • Complex pricing structure that can lead to higher than expected costs

Ooma pricing💲

Ooma's prices aren't available in British pounds, so you'll need to contact their team for a correct estimate. But be careful of additional costs, as Ooma will charge extra for toll free numbers, extensions, or even local phone numbers [5].

What is the best alternative cloud communications solution to 8x8?

If you are not satisfied with the features and quality of service offered by 8x8, you don't have to settle. After carefully reading the different alternatives we have proposed above, it is time to choose the solution that best fits your company.

Among the 10 competitors listed, the most comprehensive solution is Ringover, which has an ideal features selection for businesses of any size–including those currently growing. Still not convinced? Start a free trial and discover for yourself the advantages of this comprehensive business communication solution.


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8x8 Competitors FAQ

How much does 8x8 cost?

8x8 offers three business communication packages. While they don't list their prices online in British pounds, it may be useful to take a look at their prices in US dollars. The Express plan is $15 per user/month with a limit of five users, then there are two more tiers available. Prices begin at $28 per user/month.

Upgrading to the X2 package costs $28 per user per month, while the X4 package costs $57 per user/month. 8x8 Contact Centre solutions are price on request only.

What is the best alternative to 8x8?

If you find it difficult to choose the right package from 8x8, you should consider the service offered by Ringover. It is widely regarded as the best alternative to 8x8.

The packages offered include everything, are easy to understand, fit your budget, and the system can be set up in a matter of minutes. It is just what you need to improve internal and external communication and gain an edge over your competitors.

Who are the main competitors of 8x8?

8x8 has many competitors that offer comparable services for business communication. The services offered are similar in terms of voice and video calls, messaging, call centre solutions, etc. 8x8 is often compared to Ringover. The main competitors of 8x8 are:

  1. Ringover
  2. RingCentral
  3. 3CX
  4. Mitel
  5. Vonage
  6. Dialpad
  7. JustCall
  8. Five9
  9. CloudTalk
  10. Ooma

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