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The 10 best competitors to Mitel

Need a VoIP phone solution that’s better than Mitel? Discover the top 10 Mitel alternatives and Mitel competitors with features that can improve your business communication.

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The 10 best competitors to Mitel


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If you have been using Mitel for your business phone system and have encountered limitations with its softphone, you might be feeling frustrated.

However, there are ways to improve the efficiency and revenue of your business by optimizing your virtual phone system. Therefore, it could be worth exploring Mitel alternatives.

If you are interested in enhancing your VoIP phone, take a look at these Mitel competitors.

Comparison table of the top 10 Mitel competitors

1. RingoverMany VoIP features, unlimited calls to international destinations, integrationsThree plans are on offer, ranging from £19 to £49 per user/month
2. RingCentralLarge selection of integrations for an efficient tech stackPlans begin at £18 per user/month
3. OpenPhoneCollaboration tools help internal communicationNo prices available in pounds
4. MightyCallSpecializes in solutions for call centersNo prices available in pounds
5. NextivaCustomer experience software also sold by NextivaFees change significantly based on the number of users
6. VonagePossible to integrate with SalesforcePrices vary according to the number of users
7. 8x8Contact center software availableNo information available in British pounds
8. 3CXFree plan on offerPricing plans are unusual, beginning at £245 per year
9. DialpadGreat user experiencePrices start at £18 per user/month
10. JustCallWide selection of integrationsPrices on request only

What is Mitel?


Mitel is a B2B telecommunications company that specializes in unified communications. Founded in 1973, Mitel provides businesses with on-site VoIP, with the option to deploy in the public or private cloud.

Mitel's product line mainly focuses on telephony, including VoIP and SIP, with dedicated products for businesses of various sizes. In addition to their VoIP and SIP products, Mitel also supports multi-channel communications with call center software for small businesses and omnichannel contact center solutions.

Mitel Pricing

Mitel is an exception within the UCaaS sector in that it does not offer a free trial, or list pricing options on its own website. Though prices are by request only, Mitel offers demos to help potential customers understand their offers and pricing. Plus, they have a 90-day satisfaction guarantee policy, so if the service is disappointing, you should be able to cancel without penalties.

Unfortunately Mitel doesn't list prices, but there is some information available indicating the budget required in US dollars. Online research indicates Mitel's pricing for a basic service like call conferences with limited participants starts at $25.49 per month, while a more complex plan that includes call transcription services and audio and video call recording begins at $46.74 per month.

Why look for an alternative to Mitel?

You need an intuitive, all-inclusive solution fast

One major drawback of Mitel is that it only offers unified communications (UC), not UCaaS or CCaaS. This means Mitel customers can only purchase VoIP without the added conveniences that come along with using a cloud-based telephony service. As a consequence, customers must invest more time and money to get service up and running with Mitel. In fact, many online reviews mention a long and complicated onboarding.

If you need to get your business phone system online now, turn to Ringover. Convenience and ease-of-use are fundamental to our service, which can be set up independently in a matter of minutes. Plus, you'll immediately gain access to our large selection of features, which include key productive tools like a power dialler, call recording, and interactive voice response (IVR) menus.

You need great quality for a great price

Because Mitel operates on a price on request basis, understanding the value of their price-quality ratio before entering the sales cycle is difficult. Not to mention, the only price indications are in US dollars. This is a marked difference from Ringover–we've made our pricing plans easy-to-understand and available online. But reliable sources such as Forbes state that Mitel's most affordable plan begins at $25.49 per month per user. That subscription allows users to hold audio conferences with up to eight callers, with the option to use a web dialer, and limited integrations.

While Mitel has a decent offering, Ringover starts at £19 per month, and has a more robust selection of features available, including analytics that can help find opportunities for growth.

You have a wide international customer base

If you're targeting international growth for your business, being accessible to your customers is of utmost importance. Also important? Being able to communicate with your international customers without breaking the bank.

When it comes to international charges, Mitel can't guarantee rates on calls, leaving you vulnerable to large charges. In addition to this financial drawback, Mitel's default settings deny every user, regardless of their status, the ability to make international calls.

To conduct business without borders, keep your life simple by subscribing to Ringover. Your billing process will be simple and straightforward because we offer unlimited calling to 110 destinations.

List of the best 10 Mitel competitors

Alternative #1: Ringover


Ringover is one of the best VoIP solution providers for small and growing businesses thanks to its transparent pricing and robust offering. Plus, it offers businesses plenty of flexibility in its choice of plans thanks to two all-inclusive plans or a custom option. The business phone system is easy to set up and can be scaled up as your company grows. Monthly user license fees start from £19.

Regardless of the plan chosen, businesses using the Ringover phone system can make and receive unlimited calls from over 110 destinations, switch devices between calls, benefit from call analytics, and more. You could choose to upgrade to the Business or Advanced plan depending on your needs.

Try Ringover For 7 Days Free!

Ringover Advantages➕

  • Free 7-day trial
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Large integration library
  • Unlimited calls to 110+ destinations
  • Large features selection

Ringover Disadvantages➖

  • May be too powerful a solution for entrepreneurs

Alternative #2: RingCentral


RingCentral, a prominent player in the enterprise telecom market, has been a pioneer since its establishment in 1999. The American company is renowned for its flagship product, RingCentral MVP (formerly RingCentral Office), which caters to the diverse needs of both SMBs and large enterprises through four different plans.

However, it is unfortunate that these plans are limited based on the number of users, which means that accessing certain features requires an upgrade to a higher-tier plan.

Furthermore, the more budget-friendly plans lack essential features like multi-level IVR and video conferencing, thereby compelling businesses to employ third-party tools such as Google Meet or consider switching to a different plan.

RingCentral Advantages➕

  • Allows for use across many devices

RingCentral Disadvantages➖

  • Users report bad call quality and even dropped calls
  • Little customer support, and what is available isn't necessarily helpful
  • Need to commit to an expensive plan to get a good selection of features

Alternative #3: OpenPhone


OpenPhone places a strong emphasis on multichannel communication, which is essential when implementing an effective omnichannel communication strategy. Moreover, if your business strategy relies heavily on internal communication, OpenPhone prioritizes facilitating smooth internal communication processes. 

Additionally, OpenPhone offers an AI technology feature that provides automated call transcriptions and call summaries, which is available in their higher-tier plans.

OpenPhone Advantages➕

OpenPhone Disadvantages➖

  • If you need to communicate internationally, it requires an expensive plan
  • Text messages are charged per message, potentially leading to high charges

Alternative #4: MightyCall


MightyCall, introduced in 2013, provides a virtual phone system primarily designed for efficiently handling incoming and outgoing calls. It offers various tools such as call queues, auto attendant, smart routing, and group routing to manage call flow effectively. Additionally, the software has recently integrated artificial intelligence technology to enhance call quality and ensure optimal performance.

MightyCall Advantages➕

  • They use AI for a better call quality

MightyCall Disadvantages➖

  • Their voicemail feature is problematic
  • Because their technical infrastructure is supported by Amazon, there may be security concerns

Alternative #5: Nextiva


Nextiva offers a diverse range of products, including social media management and productivity tools. However, their most competitive offerings when compared to Mitel are their business communications solution and contact center software. The business communications solution provides essential features such as auto attendant and faxing. It is worth noting that Nextiva's pricing may be higher compared to alternative options like Ringover.

Nextiva Advantages➕

Nextiva Disadvantages➖

  • Not really appropriate for non-enterprise sized businesses
  • Important features not available in affordable plans
  • Nextiva's hardware quality is spotty

Alternative #6: Vonage


The American cloud communications services provider Vonage has B2B communication services like APIs and unified communications and contact center technology. Due to Vonage's pricing, their offers are better suited to medium and large businesses. At Vonage, the fewer users on your plan, the higher the price. 

Vonage Advantages➕

  • Potential solution for businesses needing to scale

Vonage Disadvantages➖

  • Lots of add-ons drive up the cost

Alternative #7: 8x8


8x8 offers one platform that includes business phone, video, chat, and contact center capabilities. In addition to voice and video calling and text messaging service, this American VoIP service provider has call analytics and API solutions. They don't list their prices in pounds, but there are three monthly plans to choose from, with prices ranging from $15 to $44. 8x8 also offers contact center plans for large businesses. These enterprise options begin at $85 per user per month.

8x8 Advantages➕

8x8 Disadvantages➖

  • Affordable packages limit the number of users
  • Doesn't offer unlimited calling to a large range of locations like Ringover

Alternative #8: 3CX


3CX is a cloud-based PBX system that specializes in offering unified communication solutions for businesses. Its range of features includes video conferencing, web conferencing, instant messaging, and smartphone apps for seamless remote communication.

However, unlike many cloud telephony providers, 3CX does not function as a telephone operator. Instead, it provides software that allows businesses to manage their phone lines and numbers. This means that you will need to separately purchase telephone services from another company, which can result in additional costs, administration, and time consumption compared to using an all-inclusive cloud telephony solution such as Ringover.

Additionally, it is important to note that 3CX does not directly sell its solutions. Instead, you will need to go through 3CX's network of distributors, and the price of their services may vary from one provider to another.

3CX Advantages➕

  • They have a limited but free plan

3CX Disadvantages➖

  • The sales through partners lead to lack of transparency in pricing
  • No telephone service included, you'll have to contract with a provider to actually make calls
  • Interface doesn't provide a good user experience

Alternative #9: Dialpad


Established in 2011, Dialpad has dedicated its efforts to incorporate AI technology into its business communications platform. This cloud VoIP software offers essential features such as audio calls and messaging. However, what sets Dialpad apart is its ability to automatically transcribe calls and analyze sentiment analysis, similar to the capabilities found in Empower by Ringover, a conversation intelligence software.

Dialpad Advantages➕

  • Free trial available

Dialpad Disadvantages➖

  • Many users complain about call quality issues
  • Software expensive compared to other options
  • Poor customer service

Alternative #10: JustCall


JustCall provides both business communication solutions and an artificial intelligence product aimed at enhancing the customer experience. However, JustCall also offers an outbound call center software solution that caters to both domestic and international calls.

JustCall Advantages➕

  • Relatively easy onboarding

JustCall Disadvantages➖

  • Pricing is unclear, especially when it comes to advanced features like sentiment analysis
  • Calls unexpectedly drop at times
  • Certain tools don't function well, like call logs or call routing

What is the best alternative to Mitel?

Mitel does offer a business communications software solution. However, it may not meet the specific requirements of sales and customer service teams, or staffing agents. Moreover, it has a complex product lineup and lacks transparency when it comes to pricing.

In contrast, Ringover is a highly recommended alternative to Mitel. Ringover provides a comprehensive feature set tailored for customer service and sales teams, as well as options for staffing agencies. Additionally, Ringover offers genuine technical support at no additional cost and the capability to port telephone lines. This solution is more flexible and user-friendly than Mitel and is particularly suitable for companies seeking stable, scalable, and efficient communication solutions.

FAQ Mitel Alternatives

How much does Mitel cost?

Mitel actually doesn't list their prices online. This makes it more difficult for businesses considering Mitel as an option because they can't find out the budget required without contacting the sales team.

Who are Mitel's main competitors?

Mitel has several competitors that offer similar VoIP services to small, medium, and large businesses.

If you are dissatisfied with Mitel's communication services, you may want to consider its main competitor, Ringover. Other notable competitors include JustCall, Dialpad or 3CX.


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