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[Tech] The “DIY” Culture

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 [Tech] The “DIY” Culture


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We’ve heard a lot of talk about GDPR in the past months. Companies must conform with the new General Data Protection Regulation, and all that it implies: modifying contract formats, changing hosting, adding layers of security, and especially informing customers on data use. At RingOver Group, we’re proud to be able to say that we were “GDPR ahead of time.” Our company philosophy has always been to control as closely as possible the entire value chain: from servers to professional software, passing through data transit and storage.


Since the beginning, we’ve chosen independent and neutral data centres close by, for hosting our infrastructures. Paris, the central European city in which we started, brings us the ideal characteristics for centralised access for our European customers. Making our own choice of components allows us to ensure the reliability of the system. Control of our servers is crucial, from hard disc to memory. This is the way in which our choices led us to the market’s first SSDs.From the very start, we wanted to create a service in our image. Data accessible to anyone, agencies or otherwise, was out of the question. By controlling our hosting, we control rights to access with full knowledge of where our data is kept. All recordings, calls, messages, faxes, and texts are directly stored in France in one of our 7 data centres.


One of the key problems with the provision of telecom services is guaranteeing bandwidth. To be assured of the quality of communications and avoid transit problems, we’ve decided to become an AS: autonomous system. Being an internet-based provider allows us to provide our own IP address blocks and define an internal routing policy. The heart of our network is in Juniper, for quality and reliability reasons, and is managed internally. This allows us to more effectively manage occasional interventions during updates to security policies. Our entire network is also redundant to ensure continuity of service in the event of system failure.


Keeping to the idea of mastering the ensemble of operations, we decided very early to become a telecom operator ourselves rather than purchasing communication time from third-party operators. This allows us to provide our clients with quality service at a reduced cost.We are a a telecom operator since 2005, and are registered with ARCEP (Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts). We thus possess our own landline and mobile numbers in France and the overseas departments, which ensures our presence on nearly every continent. We also possess our own RIO (operator identity statement), which allows us to port incoming and outgoing numbers.We are interconnected redundantly with the largest international operators: Orange, SFR, COLT, BICS, TATA, etc. This allows us to independently select in real time the best operator to route the calls of our clients. More than 250 million minutes transit in this way annually through or telecom equipment.


12 years strong in international B2C landlines, we’ve turned little by little to B2B services, notably with StandardFacile and MonFax, providing SMEs with simple and effective solutions for improving their daily telecom. More recently, we’ve taken leap toward VoIP, and WebRTC in particular, to create RingOver: a global telecom solution that answers to the mobility and flexibility needs of companies. Our focus: simplicity of use.With hindsight, we would likely make the same choices today. We are a team of technical experts in telecom working in the long term, and having our own technical infrastructure is crucial. We don’t simply want to be create buzz around more important players. To continue progressing, we’ll need to welcome new talent (web, telecom, API, support, etc.) to maintain client onboarding as well as increasing demands for more features. Our objective: to become the European leader in the next-gen business telecom.

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