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7 TOP Sales Management Software To Help Your Team Sell Smarter

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7 TOP Sales Management Software To Help Your Team Sell Smarter


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Business management software allows a company to efficiently and effectively track customer relationships from the beginning of their customer journey to conversion. As such, sales management software is a key element of a company's activity.

Thanks to business management software, an organisation can manage customer relationships from beginning to end thanks to reporting. With the insights reporting provides, sales managers can improve their decision-making and ultimately improve strategy.

For decades, companies have managed their entire sales activity with Excel spreadsheets alone. This was tedious work with long and error-prone processes.

Nowadays, professionals have sales management tools that match their needs, their business sector, and their ambitions. However, there are many options and it's not easy to find your way.

7 Best Sales Management Software

There are a plethora of solutions to support you in your business development and in your customer relationships. We've highlighted seven of them for you:

1. Cadence by Ringover

Cadence is a solution specifically designed for sales prospecting professionals. It standardizes sales techniques and automates many of the prospecting tasks inherent in the day-to-day work of sales teams. The tool has the advantage of integrating with various professional solutions such as Salesforce and LinkedIn. As a result, more prospects can be contacted via the most appropriate channels, based on semi-automatic, customizable messages. Take a look at this video and request your free trial.

Free Trial: Business Management Software

2. Hubspot CRM

Hubspot is considered to be one of the best solutions for sales management, especially for sales and marketing management. You will discover 4 main modules:

  • Sales Hub to manage sales
  • Marketing Hub, ideal for marketing automation
  • Service Hub for customer service
  • Free CRM

Hubspot has the advantage of integrating with many of the business tools available on the market, including Ringover. In fact, our omnichannel contact centre partners seamlessly with Hubspot.

3. Monday.com

Monday.com has a very specific approach because it focuses on processes and their progress. The other advantage of Monday.com is that it allows you to automate many of the time-consuming tasks of sales prospecting.

4. Salesforce

Do we still need to introduce Salesforce? Quite simply, it is the world's leading provider of business management and CRM solutions.

Salesforce includes many modules to help you increase your sales such as Sales Cloud for lead management, Marketing Cloud for marketing automation, Commerce Cloud for e-commerce, and many more. As the market leader, the solution integrates with many other tools for sales, business telephony, marketing, communication, etc.

5. Sage Business Management

Sage Business Management stands out from the other tools on this list because it focuses on accounting, where it has a well-established reputation. With this sales management tool, you can easily visualise the evolution of your turnover compared to your expenses. Of course, you can also manage your stocks and generate sales-related documents.

6. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a SaaS solution that focuses on the user experience. The software allows you to configure your sales pipeline from scratch or by using the templates provided.

Pipedrive will also help you segment your prospect bases in order to personalise your exchanges as much as possible. Pipedrive comes with a whole range of tools for lead generation, a chatbot to help seize opportunities 24/7, the ability to create and integrate forms to capture new leads, etc.

7. Axonaut

Axonaut is a sales management solution designed for small and medium businesses. As a complete software, it includes various modules for customer relations, follow-up of commercial opportunities, and management of quotes and invoices. This tool also offers functionalities to facilitate the cash flow management and accounting (like follow-up of due dates and customer receivables, bank movements, income, expenses, etc.).

But that's not all. The solution includes additional modules for:

  • marketing
  • human resources
  • inventory management

Axonaut connects or integrates with many other applications such as Ringover, PrestaShop, etc.

How to choose your business management software?

When you're choosing the right sales management software, looking for one with the most functionalities or the one that's the most popular isn't always the best criteria. To find the software that perfectly suits your company's needs, you should consider the following factors:

Your technical and budgetary constraints

Clearly identify your short-term and medium-term technical and budgetary needs. This will help you determine if a solution is flexible enough to empower the development of your business. Make a list of your needs in terms of:

  • Expected number of users
  • Hardware used
  • Volume of data to be processed
  • Compatibility of the software with your other business tools

The software's ease of use

A software with many features is good, but it should be easy to use. By equipping yourself with a sales management software, the idea is to make your way of working more fluid, and not to make your processes more complex. Be sure to evaluate how intuitive the interface is and how easily you can navigate between it and other integrated software.

The terms and frequency of updates

Get guarantees about the frequency of updates and find out how they will be done. You certainly don't want a situation where an update paralyses your business and causes you to lose opportunities. Also, make sure the software complies with current legislation (RGPD, change of mandatory mentions on business documents, etc.).


With your business management software, you will generate quotes, issue invoices and other commercial documents that display your visual identity, as well as other elements that help with branding on business materials. Make sure that the software you choose allows you to easily customise all these elements.

Assistance in case of need

Technical problems can happen to anyone. Make sure the software publisher provides you with enough up-to-date documentation and an available telephone support.

The possibility to test the product for free

A business management software may sound good in theory, but being able to test the software and evaluate its capabilities is a must. Sales management software publishers generally offer trial periods of varying lengths, albeit with some restrictions on certain features.

Opt for a software that you can try for free and don't choose a tool simply based on its list of features even if it seems attractive.


Make sure the solution you choose is sufficiently secure. Find out what the current standards are for data processing and security, and check whether the solution complies with these regulations. You certainly don't want your company's data stored in unsecured spaces, at the mercy of cybercriminals.

What you should know about sales management software

Sales management is a must for those who hope to develop their business. The solutions presented below will help you to organise yourself on a daily basis and to keep an eye on your performance.

Before choosing your solution, lay out your most pressing needs, the technical and economic constraints, and your short-term and long-term goals.

Finally, make sure your solution is compatible with your other business tools so it won't slow down your processes.

Ringover integrates with the best sales management solutions on the market. To learn more, contact our experts.


What is sales management software?

A sales management software is a platform generally accessible online that supports sales teams in the accomplishment of their daily tasks and the achievement of their objectives. These solutions allow sales managers and directors to manage their activity and control their sales pipeline.

What is the purpose of sales management software?

In concrete terms, a sales management software allows:

  • The recording of information essential to the customer relationships within a single database
  • The creation of purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices
  • The management of current customer or supplier files
  • Inventory management

What are the main functionalities of business management software?

The business management software are generally platforms composed of several modules and functionalities which allow you to:

  • Create estimates and issue invoices
  • Develop commercial proposals
  • Record and centralise customer and partner information
  • Manage stocks, purchases and sales
  • Manage daily accounting operations
  • Manage customer reminders
  • Manage products

What are the advantages of sales software?

By using a software to manage its sales, a company can enjoy these benefits:

  • Less errors: no more excel spreadsheets and their potential for lost files, erroneous formulas, or duplicates.
  • Save time on the entire customer journey thanks to the centralization of information and collaboration features.
  • Better management over time: as a company grows, its needs change. The best business management software has the ability to support companies at each level by providing features that are appropriate for each level.
  • Increased profitability because sales management software allows you to act quickly at each stage of the sales process and considerably reduces the risk of forgotten invoices.

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