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Best 10 Salesforce Recruiting Companies in 2024

Finding the right candidates for Salesforce experts positions can be challenging for companies. That's where Salesforce recruiting companies come in, lending businesses expertise to create a more efficient and effective Salesforce recruiting process.

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Best 10 Salesforce Recruiting Companies in 2024


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What is Salesforce recruiting companies?

The complexity of Salesforce and the integral role the software plays for businesses makes recruiting Salesforce experts a high-stakes game. That's why Salesforce recruiting companies have emerged as a solution for businesses who want to hire the right candidate on the first try.

A Salesforce recruiting company stays on top of several factors to ensure they hire the best candidate possible:

  • New Salesforce certifications
  • Latest Salesforce features
  • Best practices for Salesforce
salesforce recruiting

Keeping up with these hard skills is key, but recruiters also take into account elements related to soft skills like working environment, team structure, and more. This dual approach is extremely useful when looking for candidates to fill positions like a Salesforce Developer or Salesforce Administrator, because it allows for staffing agents to thoroughly evaluate candidates and place them in positions where they'll flourish.

Staffing agencies will often use tools to complement their expertise, like a VoIP phone like Ringover. With a business phone system on hand, recruiters can benefit from productivity-enhancing features like click-to-call, power dialler, CTI screen pops, call logs, and more. Not to mention, Ringover integrates with many ATS, including Salesforce ATS and recruiting software for small business.

Now that the usefulness of Salesforce recruiting companies is clear, let's take a look at the top 10 Salesforce recruiting companies in 2024. We've put together their pricing information, advantages, disadvantages, and descriptions so you can get insights into whether this could be a solution for your business's recruiting needs.

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Comparison of the best 10 Salesforce recruiting companies

Salesforce Recruiting CompanyAdvantagesPricing
1. Mason FrankExclusively does Salesforce recruitingOn request only
2. Steadman BrownExtensive variety of Salesforce specialistsPrices are on request only
3. Tech USAIBM Salesforce consulting serviceNo pricing information posted on their site
4. K2 Partnering SolutionsLarge firm with many specialitiesNo pricing range posted on their site
5. SevenstepStrong focus on dataNo information is provided
6. AppirioSpecialisation in digital transformation and staffing necessary for successRates aren't listed on their site
7. TalentRiseKnown for helping with executive staffingNo prices given
8. The Judge GroupMulti-industry staffing firm active in the US, Canada, and IndiaYou'll have to request a quote
9. Talenthub WorkforceFemale-owned, focus on industriesRates on request only
10. CloudMasonrySpecialised teams for different types of needsPrice on request only

1. Mason Frank International

Mason Frank International

Mason Frank International is a global leader in Salesforce recruitment, offering flexible solutions to meet the talent needs of companies of all sizes. They have a team of specialised recruiters who are well connected in the Salesforce community, resulting in a large pool of talented candidates. While their cost can be high for smaller businesses, the quality of candidates is often worth the investment.

Mason Frank Pricing

  • Varies based on package

Mason Frank Advantages

  • Specialises exclusively in Salesforce recruiting
  • Large network of candidates
  • Offers flexible contract options

Mason Frank Disadvantages

  • Can be expensive for smaller companies

2. Steadman Brown

Steadman Brown

With Steadman Brown on hand, companies can rest assured they will have access to a great network of candidates. Steadman Brown is also a Salesforce-certified company, so it has great insight into what qualifications are necessary for a candidate to succeed in the long term. If you have very specific needs, Steadman Brown even has special teams that recruit certain types of candidates.

Steadman Brown Pricing

  • Price on request only

Steadman Brown Advantages

  • Has a great reputation in the industry

Steadman Brown Disadvantages

  • Could be limited by its own network

3. Tech USA

Tech USA

Tech USA is a full-service staffing agency that offers a range of recruitment solutions, including those for Salesforce professionals. Despite not being a specialised Salesforce staffing agency, Tech USA has a reputation for providing high-quality staffing solutions to clients across multiple industries.

Tech USA Pricing

Varies based on package and service sought

Tech USA Advantages

  • Offers a full range of staffing services, including contract, contract-to-hire, direct hire, and executive search

Tech USA Disadvantages

  • Larger staffing agency, may not be specialised in Salesforce recruiting

4. K2 Partnering Solutions

K2 Partnering Solutions

K2 Partnering Solutions is a global Salesforce recruitment agency with offices in multiple locations across the globe. They offer customised and flexible recruitment solutions for clients to meet their unique needs. However, the cost of their services can be higher compared to smaller staffing agencies.

K2 Partnering Solutions Pricing

Varies based on package and level of service

K2 Partnering Solutions Advantages

Flexible staffing solutions designed to meet clients' unique needs

K2 Partnering Solutions Disadvantages

Expensive compared to smaller staffing agencies

5. Sevenstep


Sevenstep is a workforce solutions company that offers a range of talent acquisition services, including Salesforce recruitment. They have extensive experience in the industry and a customised approach that allows them to meet their clients' unique needs. However, their services may be more expensive compared to some smaller staffing agencies.

Sevenstep Pricing

  • Varies based on package and level of service

Sevenstep Advantages

  • Years of experience in recruitment solutions
  • Customised solutions

Sevenstep Disadvantages

  • Requires a relatively high budget

6. Appirio


Appirio is a Wipro company that provides a range of consulting and talent solutions, including Salesforce recruitment services. Their team of professionals has extensive expertise in Salesforce and provides flexible contract options. However, the cost of their services may be higher compared to specialised Salesforce recruiting agencies.

Appirio Pricing

  • Varies based on package and level of service

Appirio Advantages

  • Part of the Wipro family with extensive Salesforce expertise
  • Flexible contract options

Appirio Disadvantages

  • May be more expensive
  • Could lack specialisation in recruitment services

7. TalentRise


TalentRise is a staffing agency with a focus on Salesforce recruitment. They provide customised solutions to meet their clients' unique needs and have an experienced team of recruiters with deep knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem. However, their pricing can be higher compared to smaller staffing agencies.

TalentRise Pricing

  • You'll be given a quote depending on your needs

TalentRise Advantages

  • Can customise the solution based on client needs

TalentRise Disadvantages

  • Can be quite expensive compared to other options

8. The Judge Group

The Judge Group

The Judge Group is a staffing firm with over 50 years of experience in the industry. They provide various staffing solutions, including Salesforce recruiting services. While The Judge Group has experience in the field, their price point may be higher than some specialised Salesforce recruiting agencies.

The Judge Group Pricing

  • Price is on request only

The Judge Group Advantages

  • Well-established with significant experience in Salesforce recruiting

The Judge Group Disadvantages

  • May be more expensive than specialised Salesforce recruiting agencies

9. Talenthub Worldwide

Talenthub Worldwide

Talenthub Worldwide is a staffing and recruitment agency that offers a range of services, including Salesforce recruitment services. They have a global presence and provide customised solutions to meet clients' unique needs. However, their pricing may be higher than some specialised Salesforce recruiting agencies.

Talenthub Worldwide Pricing

  • Price is on request only

Talenthub Worldwide Advantages

  • Female-owned

Talenthub Worldwide Disadvantages

  • Not specialised in Salesforce recruiting

10. CloudMasonry


CloudMasonry is a specialised Salesforce recruiting agency that offers a range of talent solutions for clients. They are known for having a team of experienced Salesforce recruiters and providing high-quality talent solutions to clients. However, their niche focus may mean they have limited reach compared to larger staffing agencies.

CloudMasonry Pricing

  • Varies based on package and level of service

CloudMasonry Advantages

  • Has a team of experienced recruiters in the field

CloudMasonry Disadvantages

  • May have limited reach compared to larger staffing agencies.

Why use a Salesforce recruiting company?

In conclusion, finding the right Salesforce professionals is crucial for companies that utilise Salesforce technology. These top 10 Salesforce recruiting companies offer a range of solutions to meet their clients' unique needs. Weighing the pricing, advantages, and disadvantages of each company can help companies choose the best recruiting agency for their Salesforce talent needs. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect once you contract a recruiting company specialised in Salesforce.

1. Time and Cost Efficiency

These firms have the expertise and resources to streamline the recruitment process, from sourcing and screening candidates to coordinating interviews and negotiations, ultimately reducing the time-to-fill vacancies. Though you invest in the service, you'll have a greater chance of finding the right candidate on the first go, avoiding costly and drawn-out hiring processes involving multiple candidates.

2. Special Expertise

Certain recruiting companies have special certifications or experience, knowledge which allows them to better evaluate candidates. You can even look specifically for Salesforce-certified recruiting companies which are capable of administering practical tests or case studies to determine candidates' expertise.

3. Latest Industry Insights

Salesforce is a large and complex software that's constantly evolving. If your staffing firm is an expert in Salesforce candidates, they will keep up-to-date on the latest updates and features. That way, they'll be able to make sure your company has the right staffing strategy and benefits from their market insights.

Salesforce Recruiting Companies FAQ

Does Salesforce have recruiters?

Salesforce doesn't have recruiters itself, but there are many Salesforce recruiting companies which specialise in finding candidates with Salesforce expertise. For example, there's even a staffing firm called Salesforce Recruiters, Inc., which will hire candidates in sales, management, or recruiting.

Does Salesforce have an ATS?

Yes, Salesforce has a native ATS system which is called Salesforce ATS. The software integrates with Salesforce to provide access to an end-to-end recruiting solution. With this solution, staffing agents can automate aspects of the recruiting process and gain greater insights from data.

What is sales force recruitment?

The sales force recruitment process is highly important for any business looking to develop their client pool. The term refers to the process of finding, engaging, and ultimately hiring sales agents who will effectively bring revenue to the company.


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