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7 reasons why you need a telecom partner

A telecoms partner helps you understand and choose the most appropriate technological solutions for your business.

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7 reasons why you need a telecom partner


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As the saying goes, "Communication is KEY" and it is absolutely true that communication is a key element in any business strategy. Communication is fundamental to the success of an organization. The efficiency, availability and quality of communications are key elements in the operation of any business. And that is where a telecoms partner can play a crucial role.

What is a telecoms partner?

A telecoms partner is a business or service provider which specialises in business communication solutions. It acts as a strategic partner that collaborates and works together with the organization to meet their communication needs.

A telecoms partner provides a wide range of services which can include everything from telephony solutions and virtual switchboards to data connectivity services such as high-speed Internet access or virtual private networks (VPN). In addition, it can also offer technical support, maintenance and specialised telecommunications consultancy services.

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Why do you need a telecoms partner?

  1. Experience and expertise: A telecoms partner has a team of experts with in-depth knowledge of the telecommunications sector. They are familiar with the latest trends, technologies and solutions available on the market. Their experience allows them to offer specialised advice and find the most suitable solution for your company's specific needs.
  2. Cost optimization: A telecoms partner can help you to optimise your communication costs by finding the most efficient and economical solutions for your company. They will conduct a detailed analysis of your needs and create a personalised plan that fits your budget, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses.
  3. Quality infrastructure: A telecoms partner has a quality communication infrastructure that guarantees the availability, reliability and security of your telecommunication services. They can deliver access to a high-speed, reliable and secure network, ensuring fluid communication without interruption.
  4. Scalable solutions: A telecoms partner understands that your company's communication needs can change over time due to growth or changes in the market. That is why they will offer you scalable solutions that adapts as your company evolves. They can add or remove services as necessary, thus avoiding limitations or excess costs.
  5. Technical support and maintenance: A telecoms partner will not only provide you with the required communication solutions, but also with ongoing technical support and maintenance. They will resolve any problems that arise and perform preventative maintenance to ensure that your communication services are always in optimal condition.
  6. Focus your internal resources: Having a telecoms partner allows you to focus your internal resources on your core business. By outsourcing your communication needs, you will be able to delegate infrastructure management and technical support responsibilities to an expert, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities.
  7. Flexibility and adaptability: With a telecoms partner, you have the flexibility to choose between a wide range of communication services according to your specific needs. Additionally, they will also keep up to date with the latest emerging technologies and can help you to implement innovative solutions that will keep you at the forefront in an increasingly digitised business landscape.

In short, having a telecoms partner can bring great benefits to your company. From cost optimization to the availability of quality infrastructure and scalable solutions, a telecoms partner gives you the support you need to ensure that your communications are efficient, reliable and adapted to your business needs.

How to choose the right telecoms partner

1. Identify your needs

The needs of a small company or start-up are not going to be the same as a medium-sized or large company. The number of operators using the solution and the number of clients or prospects to be contacted places different demands on the solution depending on the circumstances. Before choosing a technology partner, analyse what type of company you are and when type of needs you have. This way you can select the partner that offers a series of tools that are best suited to your situation.

2. Scalable technology solution

Make sure the provider is up to date with the latest technologies and is able to adopt them to improve the services or products your company offers. Look closely at the technological roadmap of the provider you have selected and how they plan to evolve over time. Continuing on the same theme, the technology partner must be prepared to help you at any stage of your business. Consider the expansion of your company or the aim of internationality and presence in other markets. Must be able to find alternatives in the event of needing to change technological tools.

3. Personalised services

Personalization is key to a successful service. The telecoms partner must have a good understanding of your business, your products and your strategic vision, and check that your company's existing equipment and systems are compatible with the provider's services. Ensure that the services can be easily integrated with other solutions you use.However, it is hard to predict whether the partner will also be aware of the security and data privacy processes. When choosing a tool, you should carefully review the SLAs to understand the guaranteed levels of service, such as activity time, connection speed, etc. Also, make sure that the provider offers a solid technical support and customer service system that you can use if you have any questions or problems.

4. Saving time and money

The price structure, including monthly fees, installation fees, termination fees, etc., of the technological tool must still provide an economic saving and, with a good partner, you will find the best offers in the sector and those that offer the best benefits for you. All this analysis will be done by the partner, saving a lot of time for you and your teams. 

If you want to improve the efficiency and quality of your communications, as well as focusing your resources on your core business, do not hesitate to look for a reliable telecoms partner. They will help you achieve your goals and drive your company's success in an increasingly connected business world.

At Ringover, we have a great team of indirect sales managers to you become a partner. Among the offers available through Ringover's partner program, you will find 3 types of collaboration:

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  • Business: Promote Ringover and manage the full sales cycle from your Partner Portal. You will have a team 100% dedicated to helping you, training through digital events and, in addition, you will receive a recurring 20% commission for the duration of the contract.
  • Grey Check: Commercialise Ringover without losing your brand identity and earn additional revenue, ensuring the growth of your business. With this program you will benefit from training to achieve success in your daily activities.

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