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The 11 best alternatives to Gong

In the market to upgrade your conversation intelligence solution from Gong? Check out this article covering the top Gong competitors and Gong alternatives.

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The 11 best alternatives to Gong


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You are looking for another AI software like Gong.io to better understand your customers, train your sales teams, and increase your conversion rate? Learn more about the top 11 Gong competitors and find the ideal solution for your business.

Table: Best 11 Gong Competitors

SoftwareSoftware FeaturesPricing
1. Empower by RingoverTopic identification, sentiment analysis, supports four languages£69 per month, per user
2. Chorus.ai (ZoomInfo)Identifies discussed topicsComplicated onboardingPricing not disclosed
3. ModjoSupports French, but lacking in versatilityPricing not disclosed
4. Dialpad AI VoiceReal-time transcription, voice-activated commandsStarting from £12 per user/month
5. RingSenseLarge integrations cataloguePrice on request only
6. RevetizeLimited conversation analytics because it's mainly a customer engagement platformPricing's not disclosed
7. SalesLoftSales engagement platform, relatively little conversation analyticsPrice on request only
8. OutplayNot as focused on conversation analytics bc it's more of a sale engagement platformPrices are only given in dollars
9. NottaAI transcription, and summarizationFour plans available, with one free tier and an enterprise option
10. ExecVisionOffers call recording and transcriptionPrice on request only
11. OutreachSales engagement platform mainly with features to support salesPrices aren't listed, but they do outline two plans

What is Gong.io?

Gong.io is a revenue intelligence software that uses conversation intelligence to extract information from conversations with customers.

Gong is a B2B tool primarily used by sales teams to record all prospecting calls and facilitate sales enablement.

Gong was designed to better equip managers who are looking to replicate successful techniques among team members. In addition to contributing to the coaching and training of sales teams, Gong generally provides more visibility throughout the customer journey.

Sales representatives can access all interactions with customers in one place. This makes it easy to track the buyer's journey, even if they have been in contact with other members of the sales team.


Why look for an alternative to Gong.io?

Here are common reasons why companies search for options other than Gong.io when reevaluating their conversational AI tool.

You need a high-quality solution

Gong primarily relies on call transcriptions with customers and prospects. However, many customers have reported that the transcriptions are inaccurate, disorganised, and it can even be difficult to find specific call transcriptions.

Much of the value offered by Gong.io comes from analysing conversation transcriptions. This includes identifying key topics discussed, important questions, agreed-upon actions, and the evolution of relationship dynamics.

If the transcriptions themselves are not accurate, all these insights will be distorted and will not have the promised operational value.

You focus on training in addition to sales

Gong.io presents itself as a conversational intelligence tool for revenue generation, but customer feedback suggests that the training features of the tool are not sufficient.

Gong.io does not provide individual analytics, so its ability to help salespeople improve is extremely limited.

Solution users also find it frustrating that Gong.io does not provide coaching materials or support to help sales teams improve their performance.

If you are looking for a tool to help understand the best practices of your top sellers, Gong.io will certainly not meet your expectations.

You need a comprehensive solution with simple pricing

As mentioned in the previous points, Gong has shortcomings in several areas. The quality of transcriptions can impact the accuracy and usefulness of sales process feedback.

For those who want to use AI-powered conversational intelligence to enhance sales techniques and coaching, Gong.io does not provide personalised feedback.

In addition to these drawbacks, Gong also does not offer a clear pricing structure on its website. Instead, pricing is only available upon request, so you immediately enter into a conversation with a Gong.io sales representative.

Unlike many revenue intelligence software, Gong.io does not have a clearly defined pricing structure on its website. Instead, all prices are set upon request.

Since there is no online information about the types of licences, you will need to directly contact a Gong sales representative to find out the actual amount of your annual bill.

Top 11 alternatives to Gong.io

Best Alternative No. 1: Empower by Ringover

Empower by Ringover

Empower by Ringover is a sales enablement tool that uses conversational intelligence to bring many benefits to companies. With Empower by Ringover, you will have accurate transcriptions of each phone call, powered by OpenAI.

These transcriptions ensure that discussed topics are identified and searchable. In fact, there are advanced filters that allow you to search not only for topics but also for call quality.

If you are looking to improve your teams' training and performance, Empower provides a range of measurements and analyses to effectively and efficiently coach and train agents.

For example, Empower tracks the evolution of the expressed mood of the speakers through sentiment analysis. This feature helps determine which aspects of the discourse work well (or not). There are also personalised tips for each agent based on key performance indicators such as talking time, monologues, interruptions, etc.

This way, each agent can improve their performance, and managers can easily identify best practices to spread within the team.

Free Trial: Empower

Empower by Ringover Pros ➕

  • Accurate transcriptions
  • KPI and metrics for each team member
  • Advanced filters

Empower by Ringover Cons ➖

  • Currently available only in French, Spanish, English, and Italian

Alternative No. 2: Chorus.ai (ZoomInfo)


As a conversational intelligence platform, Chorus.ai, recently acquired by ZoomInfo, focuses on creating call notes and insights to help optimise sales and train sales representatives.

However, users report that Chorus.ai is sometimes better suited for training than for sales optimization.

Indeed, the transcription quality can be low at times, as the software struggles to identify different voices. There are also recurring bugs, such as the software not starting at the beginning of a call or freezing.

Onboarding can also be a challenge, as many subscribers say it has been difficult to configure Chorus.ai according to their needs.

It should be noted that Chorus.ai is now integrated with ZoomInfo, but there is currently no detailed communication on how the tool's features are distributed in the ZoomInfo offerings.

Chorus.ai Pros ➕

  • Eliminates the need to take notes during calls
  • Identifies discussed topics

Chorus.ai Cons ➖

  • Poor quality transcription
  • Complicated onboarding, confusing interface

Alternative #3: Modjo


Behind the conversational analytics tool Modjo is a French startup founded in 2020. With its transcription tool, Modjo focuses mainly on coaching sales teams.

A lack of versatility that can be a hindrance for companies looking to align all their teams, whether it be the marketing department, customer success, or sales force.

Modjo users also report inaccuracies in the transcriptions, which can potentially impact the accuracy of insights provided by the solution.

Modjo Pros ➕

  • Solution developed in France
  • Integration with popular CRM software and telephony solutions

Modjo Cons ➖

  • Approximate transcription in some cases
  • Somewhat confusing UX
  • Lack of versatility

Alternative #4: Dialpad AI Voice

Dialpad AI Voice

American provider of enterprise communication solutions, Dialpad, has developed an AI software called Dialpad AI Voice, which replaces Dialpad Talk.

The tool focuses on transcription and sentiment analysis. However, users highlight that the transcriptions are still too approximate.

Lastly, note that French is not yet supported. This solution is therefore not the best option if you are focusing on the French market.

Pros ➕

  • Integrations
  • Versatility

Cons ➖

  • Approximate transcription
  • French language not yet supported

Alternative #5: RingSense


Similar to Ringover with Empower and Dialpad with AI Voice, RingCentral has developed an AI-based conversational intelligence solution.

This is RingSense, which is capable of extracting information from a sales team's interactions with prospects.

With this solution, Ringcentral focuses more on sales teams and coaching and therefore can't be fully utilised for aligning all your teams.

Pros ➕

  • Call summaries
  • Interesting integration catalogue

Cons ➖

  • Lack of transparency in pricing
  • French language not yet supported

Alternative #6: Revetize


This is primarily a customer engagement platform, so it includes many features that are superfluous if that's what you're looking for. The tools included span from customer engagement to reputation management. But on the plus side, it has a pretty good integration library, especially with CRMs like Salesforce and Recruit CRM.

Pros ➕

  • Integrations
  • Large range of options for nurturing customers

Cons ➖

  • Conversation intelligence is not developed

Alternative #7: SalesLoft


Intended to streamline communication and workflows, SalesLoft is a sales engagement platform that happens to include some conversation intelligence. If you are looking for software to help optimise revenue, this could be an option for you. On the other hand, if improving your sales team's performance and centralising information is your priority, it would be better to go with a software specifically developed for those needs.

Pros ➕

  • Many sales engagement features

Cons ➖

  • Little focus on conversation analysis

Alternative #8: Outplay


This sales engagement and sales automation software has myriad options available to improve sales performance. In fact, conversational intelligence is just one supporting feature to the main options. With Outplay, you'll be able to automate email sends, manage tasks, and report on performance.

Just keep in mind that the complexity of the software could result in a difficult onboarding, and it may be a larger investment than necessary. For example, if your need is specific to conversation intelligence, it might be wiser to invest in a subscription to a more focused software that specialises in conversation intelligence.

Pros ➕

  • Intuitive interface
  • Possible to automate workflows

Cons ➖

  • Very limited conversation analysis

Alternative #9: Notta


Developed exclusively as a speech to text transcription software, Notta focuses on transcription and translation. So the software provides a quality solution for those whose needs are limited to just making information more accessible.

For those looking to centralise information and optimise the performance of their sales teams, Empower by Ringover would be a more comprehensive solution. That's because it provides support for training sales teams and monitoring their performance, in addition to automated transcription, topic identification, and sentiment analysis.

Pros ➕

  • Real-time call monitoring

Cons ➖

  • Limited language support

Alternative #10: ExecVision


ExecVision's focus is on coaching intelligence, specifically when it comes to improving the sales team performance. For businesses looking to improve the onboarding and training of their sales team, ExecVision could be a suitable option.

Pros ➕

  • Call recording
  • Automated transcription

Cons ➖

  • Highly priced
  • Strong focus on coaching

Alternative #11: Outreach


Outreach's main option for conversation intelligence is a platform that incorporates an AI artificial assistant. This software has multiple applications, including to help onboarding new personnel, keep meetings efficient, and provide insight to managers via conversation intelligence.

Pros ➕

  • Easier to personalise communication

Cons ➖

  • Large learning curve
  • Complex integrations

So, what is the best alternative to Gong.io?

The best alternative to Gong is Empower by Ringover. Empower is a sales enablement tool that provides insights on conversations based on call and meeting transcriptions. Empower relies on technology developed by Ringover and OpenAI.

Based on these transcriptions, you gather actionable information at both the individual and team level.

Empower not only provides analysis on key performance indicators such as talk time, interruptions, and speaking turns, but also performs sentiment analysis.

Sentiment analysis helps detect the speaker's emotion and assists in determining whether the prospect or customer is reacting positively or negatively.

The insights provided by Empower help improve sales performance and salesperson training. You can easily communicate best practices to the entire team and identify specific obstacles for each team member.

Moreover, the solution can be used by other departments in your company.

The marketing team can identify trends or simply better align with the vocabulary of prospects and customers to fine-tune offers and communications. Customer success teams can use it proactively to better meet customer expectations.

With easy setup, an intuitive interface, and comprehensive features, Empower by Ringover is the best alternative to Gong.

Try Empower now and discover how Ringover's AI-based conversational analysis solution can help you improve your results.

Alternatives to Gong.io FAQ

How much does Gong.io cost?

Gong does not display information about its fees and licences on its website, making it difficult to get a precise idea of the cost. To get an accurate estimate for your needs, you need to contact a Gong.io sales representative. However, there is some online information provided by third parties.

Research indicates that Gong charges a base price, and then charges per user, both on an annual basis. The base price seems to be around $5,000 per year, with per-user fees ranging from $1,000 to $2,000.

What are the main competitors of Gong?

The main competitors of Gong are players in the conversational intelligence and sales enablement sectors:

  1. Empower by Ringover
  2. Chorus.ai (Zoominfo)
  3. Modjo
  4. DialPad AI Voice
  5. RingSense


  1. https://www.modjo.ai/
  2. https://www.gong.io/fr/
  3. https://www.zoominfo.com/
  4. https://www.dialpad.com/fr/
  5. https://www.ringcentral.com/

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