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Top 10 Loxo Integrations to make the most of it

Loxo is a powerful talent acquisition platform that helps businesses streamline their recruitment processes. To further enhance its capabilities, Loxo integrations combine its functionalities with a range of other software solutions.

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Top 10 Loxo Integrations to make the most of it


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What is Loxo?

Loxo is a robust and versatile recruitment platform that simplifies and accelerates the talent acquisition process for businesses. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Loxo enables recruiters to streamline their sourcing, applicant tracking, and relationship management activities in one consolidated platform. Whether you are an individual recruiter, a staffing agency, or an enterprise HR team, Loxo provides the tools and capabilities necessary to attract, engage, and hire top talent efficiently.


Top Loxo benefits

  1. Advanced Candidate Sourcing: Loxo offers an array of sourcing tools, including AI-powered search capabilities, integrated job board postings, and a Chrome extension for seamless sourcing from LinkedIn and other platforms. By leveraging these features, recruiters can quickly identify and engage with qualified candidates, expanding their talent pool and reducing time-to-fill.
  2. Centralised Applicant Tracking: Loxo's applicant tracking system (ATS) centralises all candidate data, resumes, and interactions in one place. Recruiters can easily manage and track candidate progress, share candidate profiles with hiring managers, and collaborate on feedback and evaluations. This streamlines the recruitment workflow, improves communication, and simplifies the decision-making process.
  3. CRM and Relationship Management: Loxo incorporates robust customer relationship management (CRM) functionality, allowing recruiters to effectively manage candidate and client relationships. Recruiters can track interactions, schedule follow-up tasks, and utilise automation features to enhance communication and foster stronger connections. This ensures a personalised and timely candidate experience, boosting candidate engagement and building long-term relationships.
  4. Collaborative Hiring: Loxo facilitates seamless collaboration among team members, hiring managers, and other stakeholders involved in the recruitment process. Recruiters can easily share notes, feedback, and interview details within the platform, streamlining communication and ensuring everyone has access to up-to-date information. This collaborative approach fosters better decision-making and a more efficient hiring process.
  5. Analytics and Reporting: Loxo provides powerful reporting and analytics capabilities, giving recruiters the insights they need to optimise their recruitment strategies. Recruiters can track key metrics, such as time-to-fill, source effectiveness, and candidate pipeline health, to make data-driven decisions. These insights help recruiters identify areas for improvement, refine their sourcing strategies, and enhance overall recruitment outcomes.

Loxo Integrations

If you're looking to increase efficiency and optimise performance within your recruiting and staffing teams, augmenting your recruitment CRM with integrations can make a significant difference. The trick is figuring which business applications would integrate well with Loxo and make a significant difference to your KPIs.

To help you with your decision-making process, we've compiled a list of the top 10 Loxo integrations, including a description of each integration, their advantages, disadvantages, and pricing. Let's dive in and explore how these Loxo integrations can optimise your recruitment efforts.

Ringover x Loxo Integration

Table: Top 10 Loxo Integrations

SoftwareSoftware DescriptionSoftware Pricing
1. RingoverA business phone system with unlimited calling and advanced telephony featuresPlans range from £19 to £49 per user/month
2. HubspotPowerful CRM software which covers many functionalitiesPlans begin at about £1,400 per month, though there is a limited free plan available
3. IndeedIndeed is one of the most popular digital job boardsPrices depend on how many positions your post
4. Microsoft OutlookA professional email solution helps manage contactsPlans begin at about £5 per user/month
5. MailchimpManage your marketing with this automated email softwareThere's a free option, but paid plans begin at about £10 per month
6. BroadbeanPost automatically to job boards and track candidates with this servicePrice is on request only
7. WorkdayThis is an HR management system to handle all aspects of hiring and onboardingPricing information is only listed in dollars
8. LinkedIn for BusinessLeverage the information available on LinkedIn to find and screen candidatesPrices are on request only
9. HoneitEase interviewing with this toolPrices are only listed in dollars
10. XORXOR offers an AI recruiter and a hiring platform for blue collar workersPrices are on request only.

List: Best 10 Loxo Integrations

1. Ringover

Ringover interface

Ringover is a cloud-based VoIP solution that seamlessly integrates with Loxo. With Ringover, recruiters have access to omnichannel communications, saving time and improving productivity.

It offers features like call recording, call logs, call recordings, screen pop, and click-to-call. This service allows recruiters to optimise their outreach to candidates and clients and improve their overall efficiency.

Ringover Pricing💲

Ringover offers three plans, running in price from £19 to £49 per user/month.

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RIngover Advantages➕

  • Improved communication efficiency between recruiters and candidates
  • Easy access to call analytics for performance tracking
  • Call recording and automated transcription for better documentation

Ringover Disadvantages➖

  • Not very suitable for entrepreneurs with very small operations

2. HubSpot

Hubspot CRM

HubSpot is a widely used customer relationship management (CRM) platform that integrates seamlessly with Loxo. This integration allows recruiters to manage candidate interactions, track communication history, and access important candidate data from within the Loxo platform.

Hubspot Pricing💲

The prices for Hubspot's CRM suite begin at £1,404 per month, though there is a free service with limited capabilities.

Hubspot Advantages➕

  • Centralised candidate data and communication history
  • Automated data syncing between Loxo and HubSpot

Hubspot Disadvantages➖

  • Separate subscription for HubSpot required
  • Limited customization options within Loxo for HubSpot integration

3. Indeed


Indeed is a popular job board that connects recruiters with a vast pool of potential candidates. The integration between Loxo and Indeed allows for easy posting of job openings, sourcing candidates, and tracking applications, all from within the Loxo platform.

Indeed Pricing💲

Your budget depends on how many jobs you want to post, so it can vary immensely.

Indeed Advantages➕

  • Easy and direct job posting on Indeed
  • Automatic syncing of candidate applications and communication
  • Widest reach and exposure to potential candidates


  • Limited customization options for job postings
  • Additional costs for sponsored job ads on Indeed

4. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft 365

The Microsoft Outlook integration enables recruiters to manage email communication directly within Loxo. With this integration, recruiters can sync emails, contacts, and events, and access them from the Loxo platform, eliminating the need to switch between applications.

Microsoft Outlook Pricing💲

Pricing for Microsoft Outlook varies based on subscription plan, but the least expensive option is about £5 per user/month.


  • Seamlessly manage email communication within Loxo
  • Sync emails, contacts, and events between platforms
  • Reduce time spent switching between applications


  • Limited support for other email providers
  • No advanced email features within Loxo

5. Mailchimp


Mailchimp is a popular email marketing platform that integrates with Loxo to streamline candidate engagement and nurture campaigns. This integration allows recruiters to send personalised emails, track email engagement, and automate email workflows, all from within the Loxo platform.

Mailchimp Pricing💲

Mailchimp pricing starts at about £10 per month for the Essentials plan, but there is a limited free service. Just pay attention to the limits on contacts, which could change your plan fee.

Mailchimp Advantages➕

  • Streamline candidate engagement through personalised emails
  • Track email open rates, click-through rates, and engagement
  • Automate email workflows for seamless communication


  • Separate subscription for Mailchimp required
  • Limited customization options within Loxo for Mailchimp integration

6. Broadbean


Broadbean is a job distribution and candidate sourcing platform that integrates with Loxo. This integration allows recruiters to post jobs to multiple job boards, track the source of candidates, and streamline their sourcing process from within the Loxo platform.

Broadbean Pricing💲

Broadbean pricing is available upon request.

Broadbean Advantages➕

  • Wide distribution of job postings across multiple job boards
  • Track and analyse the source of candidate applications
  • Streamlined sourcing process from within Loxo


  • Separate subscription for Broadbean required
  • Limited customization options within Loxo for Broadbean integration

7. Workday


Workday is a comprehensive HR management system that integrates seamlessly with Loxo. This integration allows for streamlined employee onboarding, full HR management, and synchronised candidate data between Loxo and Workday.

Workday Pricing💲

Unfortunately, prices are only listed in dollars. Plans begin at $150 per month, but watch the user limits–they may change your fee. Plus, you'll need to confirm the pricing since there is no information on if the price changes for UK customers.

Workday Advantages➕

  • Sync candidate data and employee information seamlessly
  • Streamline employee onboarding and HR management
  • Comprehensive HR features and functionalities


  • Separate subscription for Workday required
  • Limited customization options within Loxo for Workday integration

8. LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn for Business integration allows recruiters to leverage the power of this professional networking platform directly from the Loxo platform. This integration enables recruiters to access candidate profiles, track activities, and manage communication without leaving Loxo.

LinkedIn for Business Pricing💲

Price is on request only, so you'll need to reach out to their sales team for an estimate.

LinkedIn for Business Advantages➕

  • Access to a vast pool of potential candidates
  • Import candidate profiles and track activities seamlessly
  • Streamlined communication and collaboration with candidates


  • Requires a separate LinkedIn for Business subscription for full functionality
  • Additional costs for accessing premium LinkedIn features

9. Honeit


Honeit is an interview management platform that integrates with Loxo to streamline the interview process and improve collaboration. This integration allows recruiters to conduct structured interviews, record and share interview highlights, and collaborate with hiring managers directly from Loxo.

Honeit Pricing💲

Because the website only has prices listed in dollars, with the service at $59 per user/month. But you should get in touch with their sales team to find out if that price changes for UK customers.

Honeit Advantages➕

  • Conduct structured interviews and record interview highlights
  • Share interview recordings with hiring managers for collaboration
  • Streamlined interview process within Loxo


  • Separate subscription for Honeit required
  • Limited customization options within Loxo for Honeit integration

10. XOR


XOR is an AI-powered chatbot and automation platform that integrates with Loxo to streamline candidate sourcing, engagement, and qualification processes for blue collar workers. This integration enables recruiters to automate repetitive tasks, engage with candidates via chatbots, and improve overall efficiency.

XOR Pricing💲

XOR pricing is available upon request.

XOR Advantages➕

  • Automate repetitive tasks and save time
  • Engage with candidates via AI-powered chatbots
  • Streamlined candidate sourcing and qualification within Loxo


  • Separate subscription for XOR required
  • Limited customization options within Loxo for XOR integration


These top 10 Loxo integrations offer expanded functionality and convenience for recruiters using the talent acquisition platform. Each integration brings its own set of advantages and considerations, providing recruiters with a diverse range of options to optimise their recruitment processes. By leveraging these integrations, recruiters can save time, enhance collaboration, and elevate their talent acquisition efforts to the next level.

Loxo Integrations FAQ

Does Loxo integrate with Hubspot?

Yes. Loxo and Hubspot do integrate, ensuring any changes made in Loxo will be reflected in Hubspot and vice versa.

Is Loxo a good CRM?

Loxo is known to be one of the best recruiting solutions on the market. Loxo provides support on a variety of topics, including candidate search, talent acquisition, and more.

What is the best Loxo integration?

The best Loxo integration is Ringover, which provides communication features within the Loxo interface. Loxo users will be able to reach candidates and clients easily thanks to unlimited calling to 110+ destinations, and monitor agent performance thanks to analytics.


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  4. https://www.workday.com/
  5. https://www.broadbean.com/

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